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This Is What You Need to Pack for a Trip to the Mountains

Are you going to be spending part of your summer hiking the trails with friends in the mountains? If that’s the best summer life for you, you’re probably already planning your trip. You might have a camper ready, or maybe you’re just bringing your car, a tent, and a backpack full of supplies. Whatever your situation, a trip to the mountains does require a little bit of preparation. While you can totally go all-natural and rough it in the wilderness, you might want to plan for some packing and perhaps new items for your bag.

Keep reading to learn our tips for what to bring with you on your next mountain adventure.

A Backpack

You need a backpack of some sort, first and foremost. This is where you’re going to store all of your other things! Naturally, you need one that’s going to hold up against the elements, so perhaps don’t bring your favorite stylish pack from high school (unless, of course, it’s been holding up strong since then. Maybe it’s tough!).

Plan for holding a lot of stuff, depending on how long you intend on being out. Any clothes, blankets, tents, food, and other things are all going to go in this pack. It needs to be roomy. You want a LARGE backpack, essentially. It needs to hold everything.

Protective Gear

This doesn’t mean kneepads and helmets, though depending on the hike, those may be useful as well.

You’re going to need to bring sunscreen, bug spray, and potentially even bear spray on your journey.

Even if it’s cold or gloomy out, sunscreen is essential. If you’re on a snowy peak this only becomes more true as the light can reflect.

Bug and bear sprays are pretty obvious. You don’t want your day ruined by mosquitoes, and you definitely don’t want your day ruined by wild animals. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


If you’re going to be out for more than a few hours, you are going to want to bring some form of clothing with you. It’s highly recommended to bring some sort of rain jacket or warm covering on your trip, even if you think that you won’t need it.

Travel clothes are crucial if you’re going to be staying anywhere overnight. If you’re going on a proper camping trip, you can’t expect to just wear the same clothes the whole time (and your travel mates likely won’t appreciate it).

Be overprepared, not underprepared.


You don’t necessarily need to bring full meals with you, especially if you’re just on a day trip. Snacks, though, are so important.

The last thing that you want is to run out of steam in the middle of your journey. A sudden drop in energy or blood sugar can bring your whole day to a screeching halt.

Bring easy-to-transport and high-energy snacks with you for eating on the go.

Is a Trip to the Mountains in Your Summer Plans?

What do you bring on your mountain trips? Snacks, clothes, and protective gear are all basic essentials, but there are so many other things that go into a successful trip to the mountains. What do your trips look like?

Make sure to stock up before you head out so you don’t have to stress while you’re hiking. You can just enjoy nature with your friends. For more posts like this, visit the rest of our site.


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