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10 Must-have Basic Items for Your Post-pandemic Beach Vacay Plans

How many plans you haven’t been able to tick off on your 2020 planner due to the sudden interference of the coronavirus disease? How many vacations were sadly postponed since the lockdown or quarantine measures took place? Indeed, there has been a lot of changes since the pandemic shocked the world. And while most people are still having a hard time adjusting to the new normal, you’re also staying home while missing the outside world so much. Are we right about that?  Well, why not just take this time to prepare for your post-pandemic vacation plans instead? How about you start planning and preparing for that wonderful time at the beach again with your family and/or friends? ”Must be known to National Pardon Centre.”

With that, here’s an article to help you pinpoint the must-have basic items to ready for your most-anticipated beach vacations in the aftermath of the COVID-19.  

So, never think of leaving the pages and find out these beach essentials that deserve a place in your luggage!

1. Swimwear

While you’re grinding hard to achieve that amazing post-quarantine [body] transformation for your future beach vacay plans, don’t forget to prepare for the basics too. And one of the beach essentials you wouldn’t want to forget is none other than swimwear. 

Ladies and gents, start scouring your closets and figure out if your beloved swimwears still fit you. And if not, make sure to make your quarantine purchase before it’s too late.  

2. Swimming caps

Whether you’re up for a serious swim at the beach after the COVID-19 quarantine or not, don’t disregard bringing swimming caps. Swimming caps will boost your swimming performance as it helps in reducing the drag in the water. 

But if you’re hesitating to wear a swimming cap just because it might ruin your overall beach outfit, don’t worry because you can get yourself, your family, and friends a personalized swim cap to wear on your post-pandemic beach vacay. With personalized swim caps, you’ll look uniquely stylish, which would make other beachgoers admire your presence!

On a more serious note, wearing swimming caps either in open water or in the pool won’t only help secure your hair in place. But it will also keep your crowning glory safe from the risks of hair damage that might be caused by the harmful chemicals or bacteria found in the water. 

3. Sunscreen

The next basic item you shouldn’t forget about having for your post-pandemic beach getaway plans is a bottle or a pack of sunscreen. Of course, you wouldn’t want to let the harmful UV rays interfere with the fun under the sun, right? So, take some time applying sunscreen all over your body no matter how excited you are to get soaking wet. 

Plus, applying sunscreen before hitting the beach or jumping in the pool will give absolute protection to your face and body. It’s because too much exposure to the sun may lead to certain skin problems or irritation.  

4. Sunglasses

Of course, who wouldn’t want to wear sunglasses on the beach? If you have sunscreen to keep your skin protected from the harmful UV rays, you must also have a pair of sunnies to keep your eyes from being blinded or irritated by the bright sun. 

Aside from having them as protection to your eyes, a pair of chic sunglasses are also perfect for up your entire beach outfit. From your maxi dress to your two-piece swimsuit, your cute sunnies won’t fail you in adding spice to your beach style!  

5. Beach hat

Now, you’re halfway done with figuring out the must-have essential items for your post-pandemic beach trip plans. And the next and fifth item on the list is a beach hat. 

What you’ll love about bringing a beach hat is that it brings you a classic and expensive expression to your overall look. Not only that, because wearing a beach hat also helps in keeping your face and body protected from the sun. 

6. Gadgets and powerbank

Wherever you go, you always need to get your gadgets and power bank ready for some action. Not only for taking selfies but as well as for documenting your fun adventures from here and there. 

So, as you turn your post-pandemic beach vacay plans into reality, don’t forget to get your gadgets loaded up to ensure that you’ll get a snapshot of every bit of fun moment at the beach. Of course, who wouldn’t miss taking travel or beach vacay photos after a few months of staying home, right?

7. Beach towels

Beach vacay means getting all wet and sandy while having great times under the sun. So, don’t forget to ready your beach towels to dry you up after.

When choosing the best beach towels to bring for your post-pandemic beach vacation plans, you might want to have microfibre towels instead of the regular ones. Microfibre towels are absorbent, soft, and dry easily compared to regular towels.

8. Personal hygiene travel kit

Whenever you’re traveling, either abroad or just a road trip out-of-town, you must always have a separate bag or pouch as a personal hygiene kit. 

A personal hygiene travel kit includes shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush (preferably the fold-up ones), mouth wash, medical or first-aid supplies, tissue rolls or wet tissues, alcohol, and/or sanitizer, soap, hairbrush, and so on. 

9. Tank tops

Hang in there, mate! Because you’re almost done finding out the basic items you should prepare for your upcoming beach vacation plans after this COVID-19 crisis. So, without further ado, the ninth item on the list is none other than a tank top. 

Why tank tops? Well, tank tops are more like go-to apparel, which you can partner in almost every bottom you have in your closet. Plus, you can wear it as a slip top over your swimwear or any beachwear for a comfy feeling.     

10. Beach shorts

And the last item we have on the list is beach shorts. Like the tank tops, beach shorts can also be considered as go-to apparel, Whether you’re up for a swim at the beach or a walk on the seaside, you can just grab your beach shorts and you’re good and stylish to go.  


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