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7 Quarantine Purchases That Are Totally Splurge-worthy


The COVID-19 home quarantine is overly stressing and bothering that it causes people to do random bizarre things while isolated. 

Lately, more quarantiners are engaging themselves in Tiktok-ing, hair dyeing, quarantine workout, and then there goes some who also start exploring the kitchen. (Woah! Dear coronavirus disease, what have you done? P.S. Be gone!)

Aside from that, the social and physical distancing orders made people start embracing the new normal like in terms of shopping for their needs [and wants]. Instead of visiting physical stores or going to malls, they’re now browsing and shopping online to ensure their health and safety during these troubling times. 

If you’re one of the avid online shoppers during this pandemic season, you might want to take a few more scrolls to find out the quarantine purchases that are truly splurge-worthy. Look no further and read through the pages.

1. Baking ingredients and tools

Did the COVID-19 home quarantine make you appreciate and learn the art of cooking or baking? If that’s so, skyrocket your newly-found hobby or career by shopping for the baking essentials. 


You may start by purchasing the usual baking tools and ingredients, which you may find on the list below:

Baking ingredients:

  • 1.Baking powder
  • 2. Baking soda 
  • 3.Bread maker and bread-making yeast
  • 4.Butter
  • 5.Cornstarch
  • 6.Eggs
  • 7.Flour or all-purpose flour
  • 8.Milk
  • 9.Salt 
  • 10.Shortening 
  • 11.Sugar

Baking tools:

  • Baking pans (square, rectangular, round, loaf, etc.)
  • Chef’s knife
  • Fine-mesh sieve
  • Hand mixer
  • Kitchen scissors
  • Measuring cups
  • Muffin pan
  • Paring knife
  • Pastry brush
  • Pie plate
  • Rolling pin 
  • Rubber spatula/scraper
  • Spatula/metal turner
  • Whisk  
  • Wire rack
  • Wooden spoon

2. Comfy cushions

The next quarantine purchase you would want to consider is a comfy cushion. Getting a new cushion while quarantined is very much ideal especially if you’re currently working from home. 

A newer and comfier cushion would give your home a fresher and more relaxing atmosphere, which would eventually help boost your mood. 

3. Custom-made caps

Since the pandemic seems to be canceling all your 2020 beach travels, why not prepare for the future ones instead? 


As you browse and shop online, buy yourself, and your fam some custom-made caps, which you can all use for your next beach outing. When purchasing custom-made caps, you can have them in any color that you want, suggest your desired design, choose the materials to be used, and so on! 

4. Fashionable eye shields

Apparently, the COVID-19 pandemic has also turned the world of fashion upside-down. Just like how people go from fancy sunnies to fashionable eye shields, real quick! 

So, might as well make your quarantine purchase and don’t forget to give yourself and your whole squad some eye shields to up your pandemic fashion while staying protected too.

5. Face shield

If you’re returning to work anytime soon or tasked to do the grocery run, then don’t hesitate to purchase a face shield for yourself. It’s another personal protective equipment (PPE) that has been making a noise amid the pandemic. 

Unlike the standard face masks that only cover half of the face, face shields provide full-face protection that guards your eyes, nose, and mouth.   

6. Hair dyes and hair razors

Are you one of the thousands of millions of quarantiners who are screaming to get a decent haircut? Well, the whole world feels you, mate. 

But for now, you may settle for a DIY haircut by purchasing a hair razor. If you feel like something’s missing, maybe you need some hair dye too? Hmm, not a bad idea, right?

7. Noise-canceling headphones

If you’re still working remotely for the next few weeks or months, then the next quarantine purchase suggestion we have on the list is definitely for you. For a hassle-free conference meeting with your colleagues, buy yourself a noise-canceling headphone. 

A noise-canceling headphone is ideal most especially if you often have meetings with your clients, bosses, and/or co-workers. 

Also, having pets or kids around would be a great challenge for remote workers like you so, don’t skip the chance to have this accessory that would make your work from home experience easier and simpler.  

There you have the splurge-worthy quarantine purchases you can have while staying home. What do you think are the items you would consider from the list? Let us know by commenting on your thoughts below! 


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