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A Beginner’s Guide to Machine Learning: Everything to Know

Do you have a home assistant such as Google Home or Amazon Echo? They are amazing machines that can get to know our preferences and can control our own house. We live in a world of ever-changing technology. This is only set to improve over the coming years with 5G in the pipeline that is designed to make our mobile internet speeds faster than ever. It will also make the technology even more intelligent but how will it affect you? Here’s our guide to machine learning.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is the ability of a computer to learn through trial and error and to get better at performing certain tasks. It’s revolutionary because it means a computer can start to make decisions on its own. A computer will not just act on the information it has been programmed with.

Most developers use the Agile Methodology to produce devices that are capable of machine learning.

There are three ways a machine can learn known as supervised and unsupervised learning. The former is where the machine learns from data that it has been programmed with. So that it can improve its knowledge on certain issues.

Unsupervised learning is where the machine has to find patterns on its own to improve its responses and come to the desired outcome.

Finally, machines can also learn through the carrot method. You can input rewards for the machine if it works out patterns and becomes more intelligent.

The most important factor in machine learning is that the computer evaluates itself. It is constantly striving to improve its functions to make them more effective for the user.

Knowing You, Knowing Me

One of the key reasons why machine learning is becoming increasingly popular is that it can be used to help run your life. Machine learning can use trial and error to understand what your needs and desires are and it can then act on them.

Your Own Personal Chef

One example is the increasing prevalence of smart kitchen appliances. Imagine a hob or an oven with a smart computer inside that can detect exactly how you like to cook your food.  Whether you like your steak medium-rare or well done and it can then adapt to that and help you cook it to the right temperature.

Imagine not even having to set a time because your oven just knows the correct temperature. Each time you cook it gets better at cooking it.

A smartwatch that detects your heart rate and other data could relay information back to the oven as you eat to tell the oven how well you responded to its food.

Personalized Exercise Plans

Using a smartwatch combined with machine learning can also create a better exercise routine for you.

The fact that the smartwatch monitors your heart rate means the computer can detect whether the workout was too strenuous or you didn’t burn enough calories.

The computer will use the trial and error method to figure out how intense the workout should be. Through machine learning, the computer can also work out what exercise activities you like best from swimming to cycling to yoga.

All of this information can be used to construct a detailed exercise plan that rewards you with exercise you like and pushes you with exercises you find more challenging. Even your playlist can be configured to suit your needs based on. What music you respond best to and what music distracts you.

Machine Learning and Fast Food

Machine learning is not just being adopted by the health and fitness community. It’s also being adopted by their sworn enemy the fast-food company as a way of predicting what customers want before they buy.

One of the more radical inventions McDonald’s is working on is adverts in drive-throughs that change based upon the car registration number and the preferences it thinks the occupants want. This is how to use data and one of the benefits of machine learning.

If for instance through tracing the car registration number that is then cross-referenced with social media information. Previous visits the machine might learn that one or more of the occupants is a vegetarian. The adverts would show a vegetarian option to entice then.

Finding Patterns Where There Are None

Although machine learning has many benefits, it’s also important to remember that the machines are not humans.

The machines could start to spot patterns where there are none and start to reinforce bad behavior. They also cannot detect emotions or understand everything about us.

We should only use machine learning as a guide. A good machine learning program will offer ways for us to intervene. Override some of the decisions they make for us if we are not happy.

A Guide to Machine Learning? It’s The Future

Machine learning is the future of technology. Corporations such as McDonald’s are already investing in it. It’s easy to see its potential for improving our lifestyle: such as our diet and our exercise routines.

Machine learning is about computer learning about what we like and don’t like and responding to it. As well as learning new skills and figuring out what works and doesn’t work.

With 5G set to make mobile internet lightning fast, the internet is set to expand into every aspect of our lives from our footwear to our kitchens. Machine learning will make these devices more intelligent and able to improve our lives.

If you are interested in a more in-depth guide to machine learning be sure to check out the rest of our site.


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