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Did You Know About: Luxury Throws That Match Your Lifestyle

Cold days are a treat to the body as we humans crave warmth. What can be better at providing warmth than throws that make you feel cozy and comfortable, just like the beloved’s embrace? The reality is every person on the surface of earth likes blankets and throws. But, there is the psychology behind selecting a throw. Your blanket or through is an intimate part of you, and hence, it should reflect your personality. Mindlessly picking throws shoves the entire process of selection into the devil’s den. Make sure to carefully examine the material, designs, blend, and colors used. Choose something which you feel familiar with. There are many luxury throws in the market that you can choose from made from different materials like wool, silk, and cashmere.

There are also many hand-woven and printed designs on them, starting from floral embroideries to abstracts and zigzags. Every material and every design you select, says something about you.

Decoding Materials and designs:

Materials used:


Wool is one of the most commonly used materials to make any throw. There are many varieties of wool, starting from faux-crafted to natural wool harvested directly from reared animals. This makes it a bit costly, depending on the animal’s rarity and the quality of the yarn. People who live in extremely harsh climatic conditions prefer wool, among other materials, to provide the best insulation from the cold. 

If any person prefers wool even in the least harsh climatic conditions, they show that they are quite soft and prefer natural things over artificial ones. They can be said to have many an eye for simpler designs, and they mostly prefer a solid color. Wool is handcrafted, which means that if a person uses it, they pay attention to the intricate details of the fabric before applying it.


Silk is one of the rarely used materials when making a throw. This is because silk is not quite a thick material to isolate the body from cold and generate heat. Though it doesn’t disregard the purpose of throws completely, it still doesn’t satisfy it most of the time. The silk throws look elegant with vibrant colors, patterns, and designs. This is because silk is a very smooth material and allows an artistic approach to its designs. 

People using silk throws have an eye for the art and instead look for something elegant than something which serves the purpose. It won’t be right if we say silk is one of the most loved materials in the summer and even in the autumn. Winters are not for silk. But though it is thin, it provides enough isolation from the moderate cold, and layered silk throws serve the purpose ultimately. 


Cashmere is the most expensive material used to make throws. This naturally inflates its price after production. The material is lightweight, soft, and durable and also provides proper warmth. This makes one of the ideal fibers to craft a quality throw for the use of people. People who use select cashmere quality over quantity and know that good quality products are not cheap. Cashmere designs are simple yet mesmerizing. 

No matter what color is used on cashmere, vibrant, or stable, it looks incredible. This is because cashmere is more of a sophisticated, smooth, and durable material that people don’t use quite regularly. It is very auspicious, and some people buy it to use them on special days. The coziness it provides is still unmatched with the use of any other item.

Most loved designs:

Floral Designs:  

Floral embroideries look very funky, yet very sophisticated at the same time. They are not usual deigns with splashes of colors, making it look elegant. Floral designs have a mono-colored background with flowers of contrasting colors on it. The selection of the colors of the flowers says a lot about a person. 

The people who choose dark-colored flowers with the light-colored background are often the once who enjoy the result of all the decisions they make in life rather than the process. If it is vice versa, the person enjoys reaching the result no matter how good or bad it is. People who choose floral embroideries, in general, are nature lovers and tend to match the color of the flowers with the flowers in their garden, bedroom, or drawing-room to feel an intimate connection with the throw.


People say that the most creative minds have the weirdest choices. This is not entirely true. Only a creative person can understand the reason behind his or her choice. Abstract designs are hard to understand, but the people who enjoy it on their throws are very creative most of the time. An abstract is an art form that is bizarre and mesmerizing at the same time. It just depended on the person’s personal preference. 

The patterns make many people uncomfortable as they think that isn’t so good. Something away from normal might make people feel uncomfortable, and hence, people not understanding and liking abstract is as normal as people not liking them. 

Zigzag designs: 

These are the most common patterns on throws, and they should be. It is because this is the pattern obtained while weaving multiple colored threads together to make a throw. This makes the pattern elegant and charming. People liking zigzag patterns are mostly minimalists and believe in living life by least exploitation of resources. They love natural substances and do not go far off in search of wants. They are simple people, just like the design they like. 

Types of people and suggestions:

Funky and carefree: 

If you are funky and carefree, consider using vibrant color combinations in the background and abstract or floral designs. They would suit your traits, and you’d love it.

Simple and composed: 

Try using mono-colored throws of suitable material or cozy materials like wool. Single colors show the singular processing of thoughts and ideas. Cool single colors reflect your calm composure while adding a hit of class to your personality.  

Specific likings: 

Throws of different brands and quotes are also available in the market from companies like Gucci and Armani. If you are willing to spend a few thousand dollars more, you could customize these throws according to your preference. This could help you craft something suiting your personality.

So, here is how throws reflect your lives. It isn’t the case with throws only. Everything in your life should reflect your personality. All the things associated with you ought to define you. 


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