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Do You Know About 6 Types of Leather Bags to Go For in 2020?

If you’re the type of person who has never invested in a high-quality leather bag, then you’re missing out on something! Bags have become the quintessential fashion statement on every ramp across the world. From big celebrities to everyday people, you won’t find anyone without a bag these days. No, we’re not talking about women here. This gender association of bags to women needs to be stopped right away.

Take a cue from major fashion shows around the world. You will find thousands of men flaunting stylish bags and walking down the ramp as they mean it. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the evolution of containers to accommodate men’s needs could be hailed as a significant turnaround in the history of bags! From carrying your tidbits to serving as your go-to place when you need something, bags are indeed your best friend.

Choosing a Leather Bag:

Choosing a bag can be a daunting task. There are endless varieties, shapes, and styles to go for. You must have often spent hours trying to find that perfect bag. To make things easier, focus on the material first. A leather bag is something that everyone needs to have in his or her wardrobe. You don’t have to rush out to stores to buy the perfect bag for yourself. There are plenty of websites that sell leather bags online. You can never go wrong with a leather bag. The finesse and elegance that a leather bag exudes are unmatched. From sling bags to a baguette, there’s no style that a good piece of leather can’t handle. All you need to do is find the right type that suits you. Confused? Don’t be! We’ll help you find the perfect bag for all your needs. Are you ready to explore? Let’s go!

The Best Leather Bags to go for in 2020:

1. Slaying it in style: The Clutch bag

The most significant fashion trend in 2020 is going minimal. Be it dresses, makeup, or accessories, ‘less is more’ is the new fashion mantra. The clutch bag is an essential element of every fashion monger who has ever gone hunting for a classy yet useful bag. You will find dozens of celebs flaunting the clutch on red carpets and special events. There is something inherently elegant about a beautiful clutch bag that will please the beholders and make them wish they had the same. 

How to carry it: There are no rules when it comes to clutch bags. You can hold them in your hands or tuck them under your arms to strut about like you own the place!

Materials to look for: A clutch bag is small in size so that you can choose delicate leather materials like lambskin leather. Just make sure to maintain it properly.

2. A Tote for every occasion

A tote bag can transform into a Pandora’s Box in the blink of an eye! Don’t trust us? Have a look at any tote bag you can find around you. From makeup to edibles, there’s nothing that you won’t find inside a tote bag. Known for their roomy interiors, tote bags can be used as a daily-use bag as they are easy to carry around. When buying a tote, look for the ones with plenty of zippers so that you can organize your stuff. 

How to carry it: Fling it over your shoulders. It’s that easy!

Materials to look for: As you would be using a tote bag every day, buying it in faux leather material can save you money and also maintenance costs. 

3. Bucking through the crowd with a Bucket Bag

You must have heard of the trendy bucket bag from your friends or even from the internet. These bags can be termed as a balloon-shaped bag that has been styled with perfection. These bags’ characteristic feature is the folded mouth area that is usually closed with the help of a string. 

How to carry it: Bucket bags look the best when held near the elbow. That way, you would have a free hand to keep your phone or other essentials.

Materials to look for: Want to look like a million bucks? Try investing in a bag made from nubuck leather. It has a velvety surface that will make you feel like you were born to rule!

5. Defines your look: Drawstring Bag

This bag will make you look effortlessly chic and stylish without doing anything at all. All your essentials can easily fit inside this bag, and you can access them whenever you want to. Accessibility and comfort combined with gorgeous looks – that’s a drawstring bag for you. These have become immensely popular owing to significant fashion houses making their models walk the ramp with them. If you want to join the style brigade, this is your entry pass!

How to carry it: A drawstring bag can be carried over the shoulder or held in hand for maximum effect. You can pair it with formal attire to make your colleagues turn and take notes.

Materials to look for: If you want a leather bag that would last several years, invest in one made from full-grain leather. It ages beautifully and is a one-time investment. 

6. Sealed with style: The Envelope Bag

This is a bag that doesn’t follow gender rules. You can carry it with you irrespective of your age group or gender. It is flat in shape and will help you take your essentials in style. There is a top flap on the bag that makes it look like a real envelope, hence the name. From formal attires to a laidback Sunday brunch, there’s no occasion that the envelope bag can’t handle. For men, an envelope bag in rich tan leather will look amazing, while for women, any vibrant shade will enhance their looks.

How to carry it: The envelope bag is a simple accessory that can easily fit your hands. Unless you have to send large files, keep the size of the container small.

Materials to look for: Suede leather will add a surreal look to any envelope bag. You can find a good-quality suede envelope bag anywhere on the web or in a shop near you. Just keep in mind that a suede bag gets stained easily so, keep it away from food sources.


These were the top 6  leather bags to go for in 2020. Bags will always leave you with plenty of room to customize. You can experiment with a lot of styles to pick the perfect color and print. No matter what the type of bag is, carry it with loads of confidence and a cheerful smile. The rest, you can leave it to the container. 



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