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6 Actionable Ideas for Starting a Free Website & Make Money

As the world is getting advance, new opportunities are getting created in the field of business. With the rapid growth of information technology, now it becomes easy for anyone to start an online business. Unlike the old era of technology, the 21st century brings time-effective, cost-efficient, and reliable content management systems to build websites and connect with a targeted audience. Now anyone can easily build their website without investing a lot of money. You can easily get a loan these days and it’s not very difficult to return if you know how Canadian prime rate interest works. Even the major businesses are now moving towards the internet. Therefore, in 2020 you can easily start a free website and make money. By building your website on CMS like WordPress, you can host websites free of cost.

However, with a free website, it often becomes confusing to make money. With so many options to earn money, let’s take a look at the top actionable ideas that helps you to earn money with a free website. 

When it comes to starting a free website and make money, affiliate marketing comes at the top. You can easily start a free website and make money by signing up for an affiliate program. The affiliate program enables you to earn money by selling products of the affiliated company. The best part of affiliate marketing is you don’t need to purchase the product.

You can sign up for any popular or trending affiliate product, embed the link in your website blog, and get a commission for each sale. Although the commission varies and it depends on the product, but you can earn up to 500 dollars a month. With your free website, all you need is to create engaging content related to the affiliate product. The more your visitors will get inspired, the more they will buy the product from your link.

  • Run Travel/Food Blog 

A more exciting way of starting a free website and make money is to run a travel or food blog. You can easily target foodies or the one who loves traveling. Wherever, and whenever you go, click glorious images and write details about your trip. However, it isn’t necessary to travel for your travel blog.

Till you know how to write engaging content, you can easily run your travel blog by your home. But how it makes money? With a travel blog, you can make money by building an audience and reaching to different travel agencies. You can ask for money in return for promoting them to your free website.

  • Resell Product 

One of the best actionable ideas is reselling products on your free website and make money. All you need is to purchase low price clothes, or trending products list them on your site, promote them through content, and get your first sale.

  • Launch Your Product

Launching your product like cake, fast food, or anything else can give you more profit. This is one of the best ideas for starting a free website & earn money. You need to picture your foodstuff, including the delivery details. The more visitors will come, the more deliveries you will get, and ultimately you earn a profit.

  • Sell Freelancing Services 

If you are an expert in any field like copywriting, creative writing, data entry, or drawing, then it is best to offer freelancing services. By selling your skills, you can earn up to 1k dollars depending on the traffic and the level of your skills. This is quite a popular idea you can consider for starting a free website and earn money.

  • Online Course 

When thinking of starting a free website and earn money, consider an online course website that allows you to build your audience. This will help you to teach students by taking the help of zoom and other face time free services. In this way, you can earn huge profits.



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