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8 reasons why it is good to write a diary

A diary keeps track of the day & events. You write down what you have experienced and express your feelings in the process. These can be positive events, but also situations that were unpleasant. The diary can become a confidante for your worries, joys, hopes, and wishes. But a diary is much more than that. It is also a spiritual companion and can help you get to know yourself better. 8 reasons why it is good to write a diary are given below.

1. The diary as a consolation partner

When you had a bad day, you have the desired tone tried of your anger. The diaries ideal for this – it waits for your entry and does not leave a comment. You can write down everything you think and you
will not be criticized. You can express your feelings with other tinga another person emotionally. Therefore, a diary can also provide comfort when you are not feeling well and have no one total.

2. Express feelings

You may find it difficult to talk about your feelings? But when you write in your diary, is it easy to express feelings? Itis a solution for you to formulate your feelings instead of suppressing them. This
the way you can better understand what you are feeling, how you are feeling, and also look back on
feelings that are no longer there.

3. Write down worries and hardships

Those who have to deal with their worries alone feels alone. Talking to yourself can help. And
that works by writing your worries and needs in the diary. Writing down events that weigh on
you emotionally can act as a breakout. Many people find it a relief when they have written down
their worries.

4. Secrets are well kept

Your diary is absolutely true. You can write down any secrets that you can not or will not tell anyone. And that is also important so that the internal pressure can escape. Because every secret can also is a burden. Because the desire to share a secret with someone is great. It is best kept in a diary, as there is no risk of the information being passed on to anyone else.

5. Realize life mistakes

As your dead the stories of the past in your diary, you may become aware of things that you have reacted to. At the time, your decision may have been the right one based on the situation because of emotions guided you. Today we see it differently and the action of the pastis now assessed as a mistake. Such a review enables you to reflect internally. Those who do not write their stories down may tend to simply forget about unpleasant actions or decisions.

6. Have them set goals been achieved?

The journalist was also great when you are setting go an ls for what you want to achieve. Maybe you want to lose weight or learn something specific. You can record your progress in the diary. You can also record what mood you are in and the emotional stress you are experiencing. Just like the journal tell by ou whether you have been honest with yourself.

7. Detect changes

Have you changed this year’s Perhaps you have mature do gain new knowledge? Your journal will
tell you if this is a fact. Browsing through old stories will tell you if your mind has changed. You can analyze the things that have the priority that you were interested in before.

8. Understand happenings

Did you really go to the party three months ago like your girlfriend claims? A quick look at your diary will tell you whether this was really the case. Such an entry in the diary is also confirmation for you that you can check everything. But also beautiful events can be romantically brought back to life. The last
vacation together with your friend and the great activities make your dream.

Your life story – written by yourself

The diary is a good solution for writing everything down and documenting your life. If you write your everyday life in a diary, you don’t have to gloss over anything online. Because nobody reads your diary – only you can look at yourself. That why its like a secret treasure that keeps your most secret desires to itself and never reveals. Writing a diary can also awaken our spirituality. Because it enables you to reflect on your actions.


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