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How Much Does Pet Cremation Cost on Average? (2021)

In this age of non-traditional families, pets are the cozy addition to your clan that you didn’t know you needed. They seem like a good idea before you get them. And once you do, you realize they are the most incredible, fantastic, and fabulous idea ever. But like humans, animals have health crises and sometimes, unfortunately, they pass on to the pet heavens above. If you are trying to plan for the future of your pet, and wonder how much does pet cremation cost, then you are not alone. Pet cremation is a growing thing, as more and more pet parents are creating their furry friends when they pass to the afterlife.

According to a survey by the Pet Loss Professionals Alliance, 1.46 million pets were cremated in 2013 in the United States by all its members. That’s quite a lot.

Also, the most expensive funeral held for a pet was in China, for a Tibetan Mastiff that cost $733,000. It had a jade coffin and a plot of land at the foot of a mountain range.

Thankfully, your pet’s funeral and cremation will not cost that much. Read on to see what pet cremation prices are like.

There’s No Legal Need to Bury Pets

The first thing to remember that most pet owners aren’t burying or cremating their pets because they have to.

You are probably thinking about the cost of cremation for your pet because you love your pet and you want to say a proper goodbye to them. As said earlier, pets are a part of the family, as much as any other member, and it’s important to say goodbye.

In fact, without a proper funeral, you wouldn’t be able to achieve the closure that you need to get over your grieving process, and into acceptance.

The loss of a pet triggers the same five-step process of grief, as does losing a parent or a sibling. You want to ensure that you do right by your pet who has given you so much over the years. A pet funeral is nothing in comparison.

The Average Cost of Pet Cremation

How much does pet cremation cost?

As with anything else, the cost of pet cremation varies depending on the kind of pet you have, their weight, and size, and the place you live.

For example, at Lawnswood the price for pet cremation under 1kg is $199. And it goes up from there. For an extra-large pet, over 40 kgs in weight, the cremation would cost $380.

But that’s the minimum cost, as your choice of urn, memorabilia, and vessels will be an extra cost. If you choose a wooden urn, it would be cheaper than a ceramic handcrafted handpainted one.

You can also choose to scatter your pet’s ashes at the cemetery itself, or in some specific favorite location, like a park that your pet liked to visit or the ocean that he/she liked to swim in.

The possibilities are endless, and so are the extra customizable services.

The great thing about most pet cemeteries nowadays is that they realize how much a pet funeral actually means to the pet owners. And they try hard to ensure that the pet cremation ends up being a staid, somber, and elegant affair.

It’s also possible to do private cremation services if you would like to say goodbye to your pet in peace.

Your Pet’s Journey

If you are curious to know what your pet will go through once their body is picked up by the funeral home, here is what it looks like.

  1. Initial Booking and Collection – the pet is collected, and a unique tag is attached to them
  2. Confirmation – the tag is confirmed against the pet tracker to ensure no mistakes
  3. Keepsakes Created – the tag is checked again to figure out what keepsakes to create, either a paw print or fur/hair clippings collected
  4. Cremation – the pet’s body is cremated
  5. Memorialization – the ashes are put into the chosen urn or vessel
  6. Final Inspection – Completion of any final special requests
  7. Your Pet Comes Home – one final check of the tag and your pet’s ashes are ready to come back home

Of course, these measures with the tag and the constant checks are done so that some other pet’s ashes do not end up with you. Only your pet’s ashes and no one else’s gets back to you, so you can do with it what you will.

Pet Memories Stay Alive in Your Keepsake Urn

The great thing about a pet cremation is that you always have your pet and their precious memories at hand, with their ashes in the urn that you chose.

You never have to leave your home to be close to your pet again. It’s hard to let go of a friend and family member who has been with you for years, maybe even since you were a child.

With cremation and the possibility of keeping your pet’s ashes, you can keep your pet with you, forever. They might be frolicking about in doggy heaven or cat heaven up there, but in your hearts, they are always with you.

With a proper cremation service, conducted with care, respect, and dignity, your pet will get the goodbye that they deserve. It’s the least you can do for a family member and friend who was there for you through thick and thin, no matter what.

A friend like that is hard to replace and hard to say goodbye to. But a good cremation service can help in some minute fashion.

How Much Does Pet Cremation Cost? Not Much, but It’s Worth Every Penny

How much does pet cremation cost? The average cost depends on many factors, but it’s not as exorbitant as human funerals, which can be as high as $8000.

The chance to say a proper goodbye to your beloved furry friend is priceless. And you won’t regret any money you spend on a proper pet cremation service.

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