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Which Of The Following Statements Is Correct?

(a) A body’s centre of mass and centre of gravity are inextricably linked.

(b) The centre of mass of a body is the location where its overall gravitational torque is zero.

(c) A couple on a body causes the body to move both in translation and in rotation.

(d) Mechanical advantage higher than one allows for the lifting of heavy loads with little effort.

When attempting to solve an equation, we must determine the value of the unknown variable by multiplying, dividing, adding, or removing the same amount from both sides of the equation.

Statements | Which Of The Following Statements Is Correct?

Statements are the kinds of sentences that may be categorised as either true or untrue.
A statement is therefore an assertion that something is true or false. If what a Which Of The Following Statements Is Correct states is true, then it is true; if it is untrue, then it is false.

For instance, the claim that “The trains are always late” is true only if the situation it describesnamely, that the trains are always late actually exists. It’s untrue in Auckland. Trains arrive on schedule and early at random times. In an effort to vent their frustration with the railway system, someone may irately claim that the trains are constantly late, although this claim is untrue.

While it is true that bananas are boneless, I still like them for their flavour and nutritional value more than their lack of bones. I would thus be saying something untrue if I claimed, “I like bananas because they have no bones.” Because of this, the statement “I like bananas because they have no bones” is true. It’s the type of statement that may be either true or untrue, and in this instance it’s false.


To claim that “Welcome to the University of Auckland!” is either true or incorrect, however, is illogical. Wouldn’t you be perplexed if someone responded to the greetings with “true”? It wouldn’t be the right response. The line “How can I stop tailgating?” is a question rather than an assertion of truth or falsity.

The last piece of advise is, “When the car ahead reaches an object, make sure you can count to four crocodiles before you reach the same object.” It cautions you to confirm your ability to count up to four crocodiles. Before you get at the same thing as the car in front of you, there are one crocodile, two crocodiles, and four crocodiles. Try it! You’ll drive far more safely as a result.

Information on Statement

As a result, statements are clauses that can be true or untrue. It’s quite easy. But things might become more challenging. Watch to discover how.

Even if we don’t know if a Which Of The Following Statements Is Correct or incorrect, it can still be a statement. It doesn’t matter whether we know a statement to be true or untrue; what matters is that it is the type of object that can be true or wrong. For illustration

At this very now, Ivan Slotvsky, a well-known Irish builder in Madrid, is chowing down on gammon steaks and chutney.
Is it real or not? I have no idea. But that is the type of statement that might be accurate or inaccurate.

Here is another:

I’ll have a spooky neighbour sometime in the next 39 years.
Thus far, so good. Fortunately, I haven’t had a spooky next-door neighbour. However, if I ever have a spooky next-door neighbour in the following 39 years, the statement will come true. If not, the claim is untrue. But I’m not sure if the claim is accurate or not. It doesn’t matter, though, as long as this statement is the type of


Another illustration:

Vero belongs to Promina.
Vero and Promina are terms I’m not familiar with. However, the statement might either be true or incorrect.

The same claim may be accurate in certain circumstances and inaccurate in others. Statements are not necessarily true or untrue, in other words.

Uncertain Statements

The fact that sentences may communicate two separate ideas adds to their complexity. We refer to those remarks as ambiguous. Here’s an illustration:

John smiled as he greeted everyone.
What are the two possible situations that this phrase might be referring to? Before continuing, try to come up with an answer for yourself.


John smiled before he wished everyone a good day. In this instance, it is accurate to say that he smiled at everyone.
Perhaps there were happy folks and those who weren’t, and John only said hello to the smiling people.
Thus, the phrase “John greeted everyone with a smile” may be used to refer to two distinct actions. Because of such, it is unclear.

You must use caution in this matter. You run the danger of having your message misunderstood if you employ confusing language. Sometimes, what you believe you are saying and what other people interpret it as being very different. Tim, for instance, rises early. Every morning, before his wife, he gets up early. Suppose he attempted to convey this by saying:

I abuse my wife daily.
That would undoubtedly be interpreted negatively. Make an effort to avoid using unclear language!


Statements are the kinds of sentences that can be either true or untrue, in conclusion. When a sentence may be used to represent many ideas, it is ambiguous. You need to determine which statement is being expressed by an unclear sentence. Generally speaking, statements are not questions, directives, or pieces of advice since they do not represent something that is either true or wrong. However, occasionally individuals use them rhetorically to make comments. We saw an illustration of a question that, while not a statement in and of itself, may be utilised to communicate one. Always reframe rhetorical questions into statements when you notice them.

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