Why is Cashmere one of the most sought-after Fabrics?






Cashmere is sought after because of its numerous unique qualities. Based on this, cashmere is also among one of the most expensive fabrics in the world. The cashmere fabric has earned its reputation as a luxury material and it also justifies its premium price.

Aside from that, cashmere is used to make high-end clothing. Compared to other fabrics like wool, cashmere is not itchy and rough. However, the challenge is often where to buy the best cashmere clothing. You will find out soon.

Nonetheless, see why cashmere is sought after.

Benefits of Cashmere

No doubt, because of the huge benefits of the cashmere fabric, that’s why it has become sought-after and regarded as a luxury. Below are the benefits of the cashmere fabric :

  • Softness

As earlier stated, cashmere is not rough or itchy, rather it is soft and provides you with a feeling of luxury. More so, cashmere has an extremely fine diameter of about 19 microns. It provides a silky feeling and if you care for it properly, it even gets softer as it gets older.

  • Insulation

Compared to the regular wool produced by sheep, cashmere is eight times more insulating. You will get superior insulation. The cashmere goats often reside in very extreme cold weather so to keep warm, they need more insulation.

  • Moisture Wicking

Also, cashmere has a very high moisture content. Interestingly, as the humidity of the atmosphere changes, the insulation of the cashmere also changes to adapt to the weather. Therefore it provides more warmth during the cold season and stable temperature when the weather is hot.

  • Fire Resistant

Amazingly, cashmere is one of the materials that have a natural fire-resistant property. Cashmere can self-extinguish as soon as the source of flame is put off. Also, cashmere doesn’t melt onto the skin, unlike other fabrics.

Features of a quality Cashmere Fabric

Notwithstanding all the amazing benefits of cashmere, depending on the region where the cashmere comes from, some are better than others. Below are features of a quality cashmere:

  • Stretch

A top-quality cashmere fabric will stretch and gently spring back into shape. Meanwhile, a lower fabric does the opposite. The lower quality fabric doesn’t spring back to shape, instead, it remains where it is. So if the knit of the cashmere is tighter, it is better.

  • Pilling

Although cashmere would pill when rubbed over time, it is not supposed to pill off immediately. In other words, if it peels off as soon as you rub it, then it may not be the best cashmere fabric.

  • Touch

As you may know, cashmere is soft and it is not overly soft like other fabrics. Therefore, if the cashmere feels unbelievably soft, then it is not the best.


Naturally, the best cashmere fabric offers warmth and a lot of luxury. Opt for cashmere because it lasts longer and gives you a touch of luxury too. Finally, you can buy cashmere fabrics from online platforms too but make them legit. You can visit https://www.mahogany-cashmere.com for the best cashmere clothing.

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