5 Year-Round Shrubs to Add to Your Landscape

year-round shrubs
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Did you know that nearly 70% of people in the United States that have a lawn want to make improvements?

Landscaping projects can be challenging to complete if you don’t have the time, money, or resources.

If you want to improve your yard with a simple step, you should consider planting shrubs that will grow all year.

Continue reading to discover year-round shrubs that you can add to your landscaping and improve your home’s appearance!

1. Azalea

One of the most popular year-round shrubs that you can plant is Azaleas.

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Azaleas often bloom in the springtime and bring a lot of bright colors into the yard. You can get Azaleas in practically any color, however, pinks, purples, and white are most common. Depending on how you maintain and prune the shrub, this plant can grow more than 20 feet and fill in a lot of space.

Many people recommend planting Azalea bushes along the edge of your flower beds or a walkway. You can look at the Azaleas from Out of Eden Nursery here to find your favorite color!

2. English Lavender

If you are looking for a beautiful and calming plant to put in your yard, English lavender is highly recommended.

English Lavender
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English lavender is a flowering shrub that produces a relaxing and pleasant aroma. As you walk past your garden or plant, you will be able to breathe in lavender for a soothing experience. This is a perfect shrub if you want plants that have a lot of green, but include a pop of color, like purple.

3. Lilac

Another delicious-smelling shrub that blooms all year is the lilac bush.

Lilac bushes can grow up to 15 feet tall and they fill large empty spaces. This shrub can be bought in pinks, purples, and white. Whenever you get near the lilac plant, you will be able to smell the pleasant aroma coming from the flower petals.

4. Roses

As long as you don’t have children or curious dogs, you can plant roses in your yard.

Roses make perfect landscaping shrubs because they come in any color that you desire and smell amazing. You can cut the flower from the stems to create a beautiful bouquet. The downside to planting roses, however, is that they have thorns and can cause injuries if you aren’t taking the necessary precautions.

5. Hibiscus

When people see hibiscus plants, they often associate them with tropical places.

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Hibiscus plants are flowering shrubs that produce very large flower petals. Some flowers are so big that they are more than 7 inches across! These shrubs can grow up to 10 feet tall but when maintained, they are perfect for even the smallest of gardens.

Plant These Year-Round Shrubs

If you want to brighten up the outside of your home, year-round shrubs are an excellent solution.

Year-round shrubs go through periods of blooming throughout the year as the temperatures change. You can watch the colors change on your shrubs and enjoy the view of your yard. Most of these shrubs are easy to maintain and make a dramatic appearance in your home.

Don’t be afraid to try a plant that you have previously avoided, especially if it can grow in your area.

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