How to Find the Best Injury Attorney

Best Injury Attorney

When looking for the best injury attorney for your case, there are some things to consider. The practice of law is specialized, so it’s important that you find someone experienced for your case. You don’t necessarily want to work with a lawyer that has primarily been a lawyer for an insurance company, even if they are experienced. This type of lawyer may be used to take the side of the insurance company and may not fight hard enough for your claim.

General Experience

Find out more about the lawyer’s experience and background. There are some basic questions you can ask. How long he or she has been in practice? What percentage of the practice involves personal injury cases? Does the lawyer have experience with the insurance company you are dealing with?

Who Will Work on Your Case?

In many law practices, lawyers work together on cases. Paralegals or less experienced lawyers handle routine tasks. This can be a benefit to you since the work will get done faster. If you are paying by the hour then it’s best if you don’t have an experienced lawyer handling some routine paperwork. The size of the law firm doesn’t really matter when it comes to how your case will be handled. You may have the idea that a large firm will give you a better settlement since they will intimidate the insurance company.

This isn’t true. Large law offices may be in the habit of spending more money on expenses that can eat into the compensation you receive. Insurance companies know that large law firms may not put as much concern or time into a smaller personal injury case as a small law firm would. You will likely get more personal attention from a smaller law office. No matter what size law firm you choose, make sure that the work on your case isn’t left to just inexperienced staff and know who is going to be primarily responsible for your case and who you will be dealing with directly.


How well you and the lawyer you choose communicate with each other is important. Is the attorney willing to follow your wishes? Does he or she listen to you? Is the lawyer able to explain things well? Do you still have lingering questions or do you get the sense the lawyer will keep you informed throughout the process? An attorney’s willingness to listen to their clients is important.

The Settlement Goal

After you have discussed the facts of the case, a lawyer will likely give you a general opinion on how difficult it will be to get compensation and how much the case is worth. This is when you can discuss with the attorney different ways the case can be approached and whether the lawyer is going to handle the case in the way you would like. There are different settlement goals in each case. These include getting a settlement amount within a certain range with as little hassle as possible, getting an amount as soon as possible, or getting as much as possible no matter how long it takes. As the case moves along, you are always welcome to ask the lawyer to change the strategy, since it’s possible to get tired of the whole process and just want to wrap things up.

Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer

There are different ways you can find the best injury attorney. Contact coworkers or friends that have been represented by their personal injury lawyer. If they have a good experience then you can put that lawyer on your list of candidates. You don’t want to decide on a lawyer just on the recommendation from one person since different people have different needs. You may also already know a lawyer and you can ask this lawyer for recommendations.

Lawyers will commonly refer cases to one another if they don’t have the right experience for the case or a conflict of interest. Most lawyers will know someone in their network that may be able to handle your case. Of course, no matter how you find a lawyer, you must meet with them first in order to make sure you are comfortable and know they can, in fact, handle your case. Not every lawyer is going to want every case.