Important Reasons to Send your Child to a K-12 School

British curriculum in Bangkok
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If your son or daughter is fast approaching nursery age, your thoughts will soon turn to education and your choice of school has a direct influence on how your child develops. As you probably know, there are 3 stages of education; kindergarten or early learning, the primary section, and finally, the secondary years (Year 7-12). If you enroll your child in an early learning program, they have to move to a primary school and then once more at the end of Year 6, when the student starts secondary school. That might involve having to change schools twice and this can have a negative impact on the student.

What is a K-12 school?

As the name implies, a K-12 school offers all levels of education from nursery to Year 12, which means the students can complete their formal education at a single institution. There are many benefits to enrolling your child in a K-12 school with a British curriculum in Bangkok, which we outline in this article.

  1. Structured Education – If a single school is responsible for a student’s education from kindergarten to university, the students enjoy a structured curriculum that enables them to reach their fullest potential. Schools have the freedom to choose a direction or concept, which means they are not all the same; a child that leaves a good learning environment and moves into one with different goals, this can have a profound impact that hinders progess.
  2. Develop personal relationships – Relocating to a new school means ending a lot of friendships and relationships with teachers; when a student studies at a K-12 school, they can develop deep relationships over the 12 years, which leads to strong adult relationships with peers. If you had to relocate schools during your upbringing, you remember the anxiety it caused; you can ensure your child never has to go through that by finding a top K-12 school. Here is some information for those who wish to take out a student loan.
  3. Holistic approach – The K-12 school focuses on the child in a holistic way, developing physically, mentally and spiritually and because the program is coordinated, each student’s strengths & weaknesses are taken into account. It is important to develop young people using a holistic approach and this should be apparent when looking at the school’s website.
  4. Academic excellence – Learning the British National Curriculum means academic excellence; this is the result of 12 years of structured learning and when looking at potential K-12 schools, check out their students’ GPA, which is an accurate indicator of academic excellence.
  5. Eliminate anxiety – No child like to say goodbye to their school friends and enter a new environment where they do not know anyone. If you studied at a K-12 school, you won’t be familiar with the feeling of stress and anxiety that changing schools can cause; if, on the other hand, you recall how it was to see a classroom full of strangers, you won’t want your children to go through that; enrolling in a K-12 school ensures a stress-free learning environment.

There are many international schools in Bangkok and some offer a K-12 program, which is the best approach to your child’s education.