Quality SEO Is Like A Balanced Diet And Regular Exercise For Your Website

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If you are on the fence about search engine optimization for your website, the best way to think about it is like eating a healthy, balanced diet and getting regular exercise.

When we only eat junk food and lead a sedentary lifestyle, our physical and mental health suffers for it. We put on weight, we get out of breath easily, and other people outperform us in almost every aspect of our lives.

Imagine having to race against someone who eats well and runs every day? It wouldn’t be much of a competition. However, if you were to put the time in, train your body, and give yourself all of the nutrients that your body needs, before long you’ll be overtaking the competition!

Technical SEO is your website’s diet

Technical SEO refers to the process of tweaking and refining your website so that it is functional, user-friendly, and clearly defines what it is that you do.

As the experts say, “you lose weight in the kitchen, you gain health in the gym”.

It’s not enough to start hitting the gym and exercising. If you don’t eat right you won’t have the strength to sustain yourself and if you don’t have the right technique you may end up injuring yourself.

Technical SEO works exactly the same way:

  • Page load speed, meta & title tags, image alts, internal links, and URL structure are all important aspects of your technical SEO. If these aren’t optimised correctly, your overall SEO performance will be poor. You can think of these as your ‘technique’, when working out. You have to learn how to target the various muscle groups accordingly to experience any success (and avoid injury).

Onsite SEO (or Content SEO) is your website’s exercise routine

Onsite SEO (or content SEO) refers to all of the content on your website. This includes your landing page, the about us, the various products and services that you offer, and your blog.

  • Your website copy defines what you do, including the appropriate keywords you wish to target (e.g., the best cross fit gym in San Diego). This will make it easier for Google to identify your website and then start ranking you accordingly.
  • The content that you post on your blog helps you establish your authority and show both your audience and the likes of Google that you know exactly what you’re talking about. Think of it like putting together your workout plan; if you are to experience the results you desire, you need a good strategy in place!

Off-page SEO is your dedication to your new lifestyle

Off-page (or off-site) SEO refers to all of the related actions you take outside of your website in order to impact your overall rankings on a Google SERP (search engine results page).

  • This can include link building, social media marketing, guest blogging, unlinked brand mentions, influencer marketing, PPC advertising, and so much more. This is all about consistency and dedication. You can’t just eat well and hit the gym for a few weeks and expect your life to change. You have to continue working hard! The moment you stop, all of that progress will be lost. SEO works exactly the same way. As soon as you give up building your presence, your competitors will invariably overtake you and your rankings will suffer.

Final thoughts

If you are serious about taking your business to the next level, then SEO is an excellent digital marketing strategy that should not go overlooked.

Of course, if you are feeling overwhelmed by it all, it might be worth hiring the professionals to assist you. Just as you’d hire a personal trainer to help put together a solid plan of action and keep pushing you toward your ideal physical health goals, an SEO company can help your business achieve greatness as well!

Just take your time and do plenty of research before signing up! When getting your cardio in you want only the best hikes in San Diego. You should take a similar approach to your SEO and settle only for the best San Diego SEO company. The rest will follow.