How to Feel Sexy Yet Stay Practical as a Busy Working Mom

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Sexiness is, contrary to what cliched tabloid newspapers and cheap glossy magazines try to project to the world, something that comes from within and is a personal and individual concept.

As a busy working mom, practicality, and functionality are both crucial components of your day-to-day clothing choices, so continue reading to learn how to feel sexy at the same time.

Adaptable Work Wear

After a long week dedicated entirely to excelling in your professional career when invited out for drinks on Friday night, you are more than entitled to enjoy yourself.

Instead of always keeping a change of top in your office in case of such an eventuality, or else feeling uncomfortable and out-of-place in a full suit in your local pub, it is time to start thinking outside the box.

Look to revamp your wardrobe by investing in staple pieces which can transfer seamlessly from work to play. Moreover, these days a dress-down work culture is far more prominent in the vast majority of workplaces, so this new injection of transitional workwear into your closet will be more than socially acceptable.

It’s All About the Underwear

Even though you may feel as if your bra and panties are purely practical and are irrelevant when it comes to practicality, you simply cannot deny how much better you feel when you are wearing an attractive, well-fitting matching set underneath your clothes.

As a busy mom, it is entirely understandable if, up until this point, you simply grab the first items you come to in the drawer, but if you take just half an hour to organize, you can just as easily grab underwear for the day which will make you feel sexier and generally well put-together.

Moreover, the most fashionable and indeed, multi-faceted, style of underwear for a busy woman is that of cheeky underwear, which provides the comfort and coverage you are looking for, yet still makes you feel attractive, fresh, and ready for the day.

Create a Playlist of Your Favorite Songs

This next point may seem, upon first read, as entirely irrelevant, but putting together an entirely personal list of your favorite, feel-good, songs and storing said playlist on your tablet and smartphone will do wonders for your mood.

Choose tunes that you love to dance to and even ones which take you back on a nostalgic trip to partying with your friends, or indeed meeting your partner and enjoy a mix of sexy songs and partying anthems to have to play in your ears when you are getting your jobs done.

This theme tune to your life will help to boost your energy levels and serve to set you up for the day with a positive and motivated outlook, not to mention help you remember how sexy, attractive, and desirable you are (especially on the dance floor).

Female-empowered songs which will help you to feel sexy and in control of your life and your destiny include, amongst a host of others:

  • TLC – ‘No Scrubs’
  • Christina Aguilera – ‘Fighter’
  • Lady Gaga – ‘Born This Way’
  • Alicia Keys – ‘Girl on Fire’
  • Katy Perry – ‘Last Friday Night’
  • Destiny’s Child – ‘Survivor’
  • Lizzo – ‘About Damn Time’

Be Aware of Little Things Which Give You Pleasure

Aside from your musical playlist, even though it may feel as if you never have a spare second to yourself as you juggle motherhood with your career, there will still be moments in the day which you owed to yourself to turn them into pleasurable moments.

Just a selection of ideas and inspiration to get you going include:

  • Schedule a quick catch-up phone call with your best friend.
  • Give yourself a home pedicure and manicure.
  • Get outside in the backyard with your morning coffee and breathe the fresh air.
  • Invest in red lipstick and wear it with confidence.
  • Keep a saved list of funny videos you love on social media.

Limit Your Social Media Usage

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are, undeniably, great for keeping in touch with your loved ones and discovering new fashion trends, as well as being informed on the latest celebrity news and gossip.

However, if you are the type of person who, as soon as you sit down on the couch, automatically takes your phone, opens your apps, and mindlessly scrolls through newsfeeds, then this needs to change.

There are many negative connotations associated with social media usage, many of which are in direct contrast to your new mindset of feeling sexy and attractive, both to yourself and others, such as:

  • Social media can have a hand in increasing levels of social isolation.
  • Social media incites inaccurate parallels and comparisons with others.
  • Social media photographs are usually airbrushed and therefore set unobtainable goals.
  • Social media negatively redefines what being a true friend means.
  • Social media can be a hideously secret tool for bullying (even if you do not recognize it).
  • Social media takes up a huge amount of time in your day which could be dedicated elsewhere.

Invest Time & Energy into Your Relationship

Finally and perhaps most logically of all, to feel sexy, even during the most hectic of phases in your life, you need to find a little time to devote to enhancing the connection between you and your partner, especially on a physically intimate level.

Make sure that your bedroom is not just a dumping ground for the childrens clothes, toys, and work papers ready for the morning, and instead, ensure that it is kept clean and tidy. Always make your bed and make sure the bedding is fresh and clean. You should also keep scented candles on the nightstand to create an intimate atmosphere when you and your partner turn in for the night.

Furthermore, instead of going to bed feeling rushed and overly tired, take the time to remove make-up, moisturize your body and face, and wear clean items of nightwear which make you feel sexy and attractive.