Innovative Ways to Keep on Top of Your Pet’s Health

Pet’s Health
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Pets are part of the family, but unlike other members who can tell you when they feel unwell or when something is not right, pets will have a much harder time trying to communicate their issues.

This is why you must be able to keep your eyes peeled for signs, have a trusted vet you can go to, and implement strategies, items, and products that can keep your pets in good health.

The healthcare industry is constantly changing, and that is the same for animals too. This means it is always worth keeping up to date on what is available for you to keep track of your pet’s health the most efficiently.

This piece is going to look at some of the innovative ways you can monitor your pet’s health to keep them in great shape and your mind at ease.

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Prioritize Pet Safety

Keeping your pet safe is one of the number one rules for keeping them healthy. There are a few ways to do this, but the most common include making sure your pet has a microchip so that if they get lost or anything happens to them you can be found immediately when they have been scanned. This provides peace of mind to the owner, too.

You will also want to have tags, collars, and anything else that can help get your pet identified, should it need it.

Other safety factors include making sure all wired items are kept out of the way (or upgrading to wireless), keeping them out of rooms and cupboards they should not be in, and making sure toxic chemicals are kept well out of the way.

While this part is not exactly innovative, it is essential, and no smart gadget can replace these precautions. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Wellness Checkups

Wellness checkups are essential for pets to make sure their health is in good condition. Like humans,many things cannot be seen going on under the surface, and it is always better to catch something early. Checkups can help make sure health issues are nipped in the bud as soon as possible, or even prevented, which is the ideal outcome.

Many innovations can aid checkups used to keep your pet healthy and safe. Ask around at vets to see what technology they have.

It is also important not to forget innovations that happen behind the scenes that keep vets informed. For example, the more in-depth understanding that vets have ofthe genetics of certain breeds, the better the treatment can be developed.

Smart Gadgets

Smart gadgets are no longer just for humans. Well, you still need a human to use them, but some excellent smart pet devices can make sure your little monster is not up to no good, can help you keep an eye on their health stats, and also help them exercise more. If you do have to leave them alone for small periods, being able to check up on them wherever they are can be a real lifesaver – sometimes literally. Cams that are designed specifically for pets allow you to interact with them while you are away and can help with separation anxiety (for both parties) and some even come with features that let you throw them a treat. They won’t even notice you are gone.

Other smart gadgets include a tracker, so you know where to locate your dog or cat if you let them out, but also so you can get an idea of how much exercise they are getting and for how long. You can even get your hands on a ball launcher, that will throw the balls for you while you must get on with other things, keeping your dog mentally and physically stimulated.

Specialist Litter

Did you know that a litter exists that can help you monitor your pet’s health? If you have a cat, changing their litter for something with this technology could be the easiest and most effective change you make. This simple yet brilliant concept allows you to see certain health issues from an indication of color. The diagnostic cat litter works by recording the levels of acidity, alkalinity, and if there is blood in the urine. By seeing these changes, you will know to take them to a vet to check for any underlying health conditions or what the cause might be.

This can give just an additional peace of mind with no extra effort and can help you keep your furballs safe and healthy.

Customized Food

Animals are just like humans. They have intolerances, they are not a fan of certain foods, and they also need the right profile of nutrition to keep them healthy. Some pet food can be as nutritionally dense as a microwave meal, whereas others, especially those formulated specifically for your pet, can ensure they are getting the best for their body.

If your pet is having issues with food, it can be a long process to work out what the problem is. However, it is always worth doing so. Finding out if your pet does have specialist dietary requirements or intolerances will be much better for their health in the long term and can help prevent future problems.

Smart Temperature Monitor for Pets

Temperature is an excellent indicator of health, but taking the temperature of your pet can be a little trickier than taking your kid’s temperature. Luckily, there is a nifty, non-invasive little device that can keep on top of this for you and give you updates straight to your mobile in real-time. This is an ideal gadget for summer, as dogs are known to overheat and this can cause serious health issues for them and can even be fatal.

Taking care of your pet’s health should always be a priority from the moment you get them, and thankfully, there are more and more gadgets and technology on the market that can help you do this.