Benefits of buying a villa in Istanbul






Besides security and investment benefits, buying a villa for sale in Istanbul will bring many other benefits. Among them are the following:

  • Obtaining a Turkish residence permit or citizenship by purchasing a villa in Istanbul.
  • European life with minimal costs (less than in European countries).
  • Accommodation in modern luxury villas with unique and exciting amenities.
  • Reasonable price-quality ratio compared to real estate in a European country.

Get Turkish citizenship

The most important advantage of buying property in Turkey for foreign citizens is obtaining Turkish citizenship. It is worth noting that under current law, the purchase of your property in Turkey must be worth more than 400 thousand dollars for you to be allowed to apply for citizenship in this country.

Of course, you can do this by buying a few smaller and cheaper properties, living in one of them, and renting out the rest to earn passive rental income.

We promise you that through this method, you will be able to obtain Turkish citizenship for all your family members (spouse and children under 18), which makes this investment much more profitable and economical. Of course, you should note that if you want to use this right for yourself and your family, you must keep the purchased property for at least 3 years and sell it later if necessary.

The last and most important point is that to obtain a residence permit, you will have to pay the entire cost of buying property in Turkey in cash; paying in installments or installments will not work.

Of course, you can buy the desired villa and property in installments according to the conditions or buy it in advance, but remember that after paying the total amount and processing the document, you can apply for a residence permit, and you will not be able to do this before.

Obtaining citizenship in Turkey for work and employment

By buying a villa in Istanbul and buying property in Turkey, you can legally create a job for your family and start economic activities in various fields after obtaining citizenship in this country. This advantage in itself is significant for a person and his family, which allows them to improve their position in terms of economy and employment.

Suitable areas to buy a villa in Istanbul

Although Istanbul is not the capital of Turkey, it is considered the country’s most important city because this highway between Asia and Europe is the beating heart of Turkey from an economic point of view.

Therefore, the living and working conditions in this city are favorable. According to the cases mentioned, the transportation system of this city is also very developed and worth seeing. Despite its impressive population, there is little traffic in the city.

It is interesting to know that recently the world’s largest airport was opened in this city, which indicates a large presence of tourists and business people from all over the world, which may portend good prospects for your future business in this city.Istanbul, like many other cities in the world, has different areas, and in this section, we will discuss some of the best areas where we offer to buy villas and properties.

Important points when buying a villa in Istanbul

Before buying a villa or property in Istanbul or Turkey in general, you should pay attention to various important legal and non-legal issues to avoid any particular problem.

Of course, if you lack knowledge and information. If you are dealing with this matter, try to use the services of an experienced lawyer to carry out this process with peace of mind and confidence.

Properties on different sites can be fraudulent. Therefore, try to get help from reliable and experienced sites and companies.

Turk.Estate invites you to use the services of consultants and lawyers of our company, as they have extensive experience and connections in Turkey and, therefore, will be able to facilitate the process of buying a villa and property in Turkey for you and save time.

Remember that before buying a property in Turkey, you need to pay special attention to the restrictions that a property may have because the property can be mortgaged by a bank.

Please note that before signing the contract, read these questions in different ways because after signing the contract, all costs will be your responsibility, and you may suffer. Thus, you can minimize this risk and problem by having professional advisors and excellent and experienced lawyers in this field.

Please also note that to obtain citizenship, you must purchase a villa or property from a Turkish citizen to complete the following steps to obtain a residence permit by the law.

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