Latest Elon Musk Twitter Tweets

Elon Musk Twitter Tweets

Out of envy, Elon Musk Twitter tweets allegedly had his own tweets emphasized. Engineers were brought in when President Biden’s Super Bowl tweet received greater attention.

Platformer questioned Twitter workers to find out why people’s For You feeds evolved into The Elon Musk Show. And they said that the company’s developers genuinely did design a system that benefitted only their Leader. Elon Musk’s cousin and Twitter employee James Musk. According to the outlet, issued an urgent message on the company’s Slack on Monday morning. “We are diagnosing an issue with engagement throughout the platform.”  He said, describing the situation as “high urgency” and requesting assistance from anybody who can write code. What is the situation? President Biden’s tweet about supporting. The Philadelphia Eagles received more attention than Musks.

According to reports. The president’s tweet received around 29 million impressions. Whereas Musk’s received only 9.1 million before he removed it. Musk’s problem with his tweets not receiving as much attention as he would like began before the Super Bowl. Platformer previously revealed that he dismissed one of Twitter’s two surviving lead engineers after he suggested that Musk’s tweets aren’t producing as many impressions as they used to because people aren’t as interested in what he’s saying.

Some 80 Twitter staffers were apparently charged with investigating Elon Musk Twitter Tweets

The various causes of Musk’s declining interaction rates. And they did take into account the likelihood that many individuals have banned and muted him in recent months. They did investigate real possible technological difficulties, however. Because tweets from individuals whose names were

Platformer claims that the solution they devised is to install code that artificially boosts Musk’s tweets by a factor of 1,000. Guaranteeing that they rank higher than everyone else in people’s feeds. As a consequence, more than 90% of Musk’s 128.9 million followers saw his tweets. And even people who don’t follow Musk on Twitter saw his messages on their timelines.

Musk responded with a tweet, effectively contradicting the Platformer’s allegation. “Many major media outlets wrongly stated earlier this week that my Tweets were boosted over typical levels.” He added. “A check of my Twitter likes and views over the last 6 months, especially as a ratio of followers. Demonstrates that this is untrue. We did have a bug.

Elon Musk Twitter Tweets (@elonmusk) 17 February 2023

Musk recognized the problem in his own manner shortly after the flurry of his tweets. Notably by sharing the “forced to drink milk” image. He also advised people to remain tuned as Twitter tweaked the “algorithm” (his words. Not ours) when users complained about seeing all of Elon all the time. “Adjustments” allegedly did not imply fully eliminating his advantage: Elon’s tweets are still artificially enhanced. Although by a factor of less than 1,000, according to Platformer. Bottom line: Until they switch to the Following tab, users will continue to read his tweets often.

The Morning After Elon Musk allegedly had his own tweets boosted out of envy.

If you’ve been using Twitter’s For You feed this week. You may have noticed that the algorithmic feed displayed a lot of Elon Musk’s tweets and responses. According to Platformer, which questioned Twitter workers. Programmers modified the social network to benefit their Bosses. On Monday morning, Elon’s cousin and Twitter employee James Musk posted an urgent message on the company’s Slack. He described the issue as “high urgency” and begged anyone who can write programming to assist.

What had happened? President Biden’s Super Bowl tweet about rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles received more attention than Musk’s. According to reports, the president’s tweet received around 29 million impressions. Whereas Musk’s received only 9.1 million before he removed it.

Platformer claims that the solution was code that artificially raised Musk’s tweets. By a factor of 1,000. Musk recognized the development in his own way. By posting the “forced to drink milk” joke. He also advised folks to remain tuned until Twitter modified the “algorithm.” According to the claim, Musk’s tweets are still artificially enhanced, but not as much.

Elon Musk claims that Twitter is working to resolve the Elon Musk tweet issue.

You may have noticed a glitch if you’ve been utilizing Twitter’s “For You” page instead of the chronological “Following” tab. Some users have complained that the algorithmic feed has been showing a lot of Elon Musk’s tweets and responses. Whether or not they follow him. Twitter’s CEO effectively acknowledged the situation by posting. “Please stay tuned as we make tweaks to the um… ‘algorithm.'”

I’d guess that by writing “algorithm” in quotes. Musk is implying that a human, maybe himself, is to blame for the modification. That’s not that surprising given that. The Elon-forward feed debuted shortly after Musk complained about a reduction in his own engagement and even allegedly fired an engineer.

Elon Musk (@elonmusk), 14 February 2023

Following that incident, Musk tweeted that a patch will be available after a “hard day at Twitter Headquarters with the eng team.” He stated that 95 percent of his tweets were not being transmitted to the Following feed due to a problem with something called “Fanout,” thus that service has now been switched to another. He also stated that the Recommendation system was not functioning properly, “leading accounts with a large number of followers to be discarded.”

There’s no indication of why Twitter moved from “Musk light” to “all Elon all the time,” but the problem looks to be being solved. Meanwhile, you may either muffle Musk (at least momentarily) or utilize the Following feed to view only the tweets you wish to see.

During Tesla’s Investor Day 2023, Elon Musk sets forth his vision for the company’s future.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, told an audience gathered inside the company’s Austin, Texas Gigafactory for Investor Day 2023 that the company’s production capacity is set for a large increase — and AI will allegedly be the magic bullet that gets them there. It’s all part of what Musk refers to as Master Plan 3.

Musk’s third Master Plan, with the prior two arriving in 2006 and 2016, respectively. They have acted as a road map for Tesla’s growth and development over the last 17 years, as the firm has progressed from a fledgling startup to the world’s top EV carmaker. “By 2030, there will be a clear path to a sustainable energy Planet.”

“2050, and it does not necessitate the destruction of natural ecosystems,” Musk remarked during his keynote talk.

“You could support a civilization considerably greater than Earth [now does]. Far more than 8 billion people could be sustained sustainably on Earth, and I’m always astounded and startled by how few people recognize this,” he added. After the event, he pledged that the business will issue a “full whitepaper with calculations & assumptions” through Twitter.

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