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White gummy bear shot we receive a modest compensation from eligible sales made via our affiliate link as an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programmes. Read our Entire Affiliate Disclosure for more details. The White Gummy Bear Shot is a delectable concoction of cherry schnapps and raspberry-flavored vodka. You can make a fantastic shot that tastes like a gummy bear candy by adding a little amount of sweet and sour to give it some edge and adding a tiny bit of lemon lime soda for a touch of fizz.

These are fantastic beverages for ladies’ nights out, baby showers, bachelorette parties, and bridal showers. Another delightful party beverage is the white gummy bear shot.


You may make a gummy bear shot in a few different ways. The most common method is to immerse a gummy bear in vodka for a whole night. Once you’re ready to shoot, all you have to do is pop the gummy bear in your mouth and release the trigger. Gummy bears, vodka, and Jell-O may all be combined to create a gummy bear shot. You may shoot or consume with a spoon the wonderful gelatinous combination that is produced as a result.

Observe how we create the White Gummy Bear 

We adore peach schnapps-based cocktails like our Crown Royal Peaches and Cream Drink and the Watermelon Peach Cocktail. This shot incorporates candy for a mouthful of fun, just like the Pink Starburst Shot. This is the second image in our collection that was inspired by sweets.

What type of alcohol works best with jelly bears? White gummy bear shot

Vodka is the finest alcoholic beverage to pair with gummy bears, whether you’re making a delightful drink to sip while enjoying these legendary candy. Vodka is a flavourless alcoholic beverage that won’t compete with the flavours of the candies, allowing for the addition of alcohol without detracting from the flavour.

What happens when booze and gummies are combined?

Alcohol and sweets work synergistically to make you ill faster. Due to the excess sugar in your body, nausea and vomiting might strike you suddenly. Nevertheless, they make tasty beverages and treats that are entertaining.

How should I administer Gummy Bear Shots?

These entertaining, delectable shots are acceptable at a gathering or party. Shots’ simplicity makes them ideal for quick enjoyment and straightforward serving. However, we are sharing some of our favourite suggestions for how to dress up these shots if you’re looking to create a playful aesthetic.

1. Sugar the rim before serving.

2. Put gummy bears on a cocktail skewer to serve.

3. Put a bear or two in the glass’s bottom.

4. Add a rock candy stick to the serving for added texture and eye appeal.

5. Sprinkle coloured sugar over the shot bottles’ rims to emphasise the candy motif.

Recipe for White Gummy Bear Shots

This drink only requires stirring. Swirl it after making it in your cocktail shaker with ice. Pour, add a garnish, and sip. If you’d rather, you can select to drop the dummy to the bottom of your glass. People frequently take the white gummy bear shot in this manner. We decided to use a bear-shaped cocktail pick as a garnish.

What ingredients are in a Gummy Bear Shot?

Ingredients for the White Gummy Bear Shot are delectable and straightforward. Peaches schnapps, cherry vodka, sweet and sour mix, a little lemon lime soda, and a sugared rim make up this delectable shot.

1. Raspberry liqueur

2. Apple Schnapps

3. sour and sweet mixture

4. Citrus-lime soda

1 shot of white gummy bears

The white gummy bear shot is the final entry in our countdown of gummy bear shots. Your taste buds will flip for this simple-to-make concoction. Raspberry vodka, peach schnapps, sweet and tart lemon-lime soda, and the traditional flavour combination: WHITE GUMMY BEARS are the ingredients for these bad guys. You won’t regret it if these little fellas succeed (which we’re confident they will), so check out our selection or drinks prepared with candy-infused booze. We guarantee that last part.

2 edible shot glasses with white gummy bears

Why simply consume the shot when you may also consume the glass? You should attempt this simple recipe for white gummy bear delicious shot glasses if you have a shot glass mould. It makes the shooting game enjoyable and cleaner! Why not add a shot of white gummy bears to the mix to quadruple the sweetness?

3 Gummy Bears in a Row

The gummy bear shot is a straightforward yet pleasant way to drink alcohol. You may experiment with your own liqueurs or just combine cherry vodka, peach schnapps, pineapple juice, and lemon-lime soda together.

4 Jelly Shots of White Gummy Bear

Who would have thought that a straightforward mixture of water, sugar, and gelatin could have such a fascinating past? You need go no farther than this delectable dish if you’re seeking for a pleasant method to satisfy your booze need.

5 Jelly cups with Gummy Bears

Jelly shots are a party favourite and one of our favourites. Giving those boring Jelly cups some personality and sweetness, however, can make your guests eagerly anticipate the invitation to your next party. It’s a straightforward formula that has to be gradually added to with your coloured gummy bears. To really amp things up, try experimenting with vodka or your preferred liqueur.

6 XXL Gummy bear Jelly Shots, 

You need go no farther than this creative Jelly concept from Skyy if you want to break the mould with a delectable concoction. A little creativity in the candy or toy store might have a huge impact at your upcoming celebration. The size of these XXL gummy bear jelly shots is ideal for partygoers. With this kind of imagination, a little alcohol goes a long way.

7 Green Gummi Bears Fired

Are you looking for recent candy photos? We have the ideal green beverage that will tantalise your taste buds in all manner of ways. By rimming the glass before topping off each shot, you may further spice up these delectable beverages and create a memorable dessert experience suitable for royalty—or at the very least, those who are out there trying their hardest to be remarkable like us.

8 Shots at Goldilocks

For those who want their shots powerful and sweet, try this recipe. Cinnamon and butterscotch schnapps are combined. And we won’t stop you if you want to top off this drink with a gummy bear. The Goldilocks shots will have a little more sweetness and sparkle as a result.

9 Jelly shots in a fishbowl

Pink Floyd penned the song “We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year. What if we reversed that notion and examined the Jelly shot’s fish tank from the outside? Tipsy likes to blend UV blue raspberry vodka, coconut rum, and peach schnapps in his drinks.

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