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Frugal male fashion let’s face it, affordable men’s fashion is kind of an oxymoron. How are you meant to keep inside your  budget when you want to look decent for work but every shirt costs upwards of $90? It’s a challenging endeavour, to put it mildly.

I’ll be the first to say that I’m not the type of man to go clothing shopping on a Saturday afternoon. (Ask my spouse.) In fact, I would much rather spend my money on a new tool for my woodworking shop if I were going to spend it on anything. But there are additionally times when I could use a little updating in my wardrobe. Therefore I dFrugal male fashion don’t want to pay out the nose when such moments come.

This article is for you if you’re a man in need of some new clothes but aren’t interested in spending a fortune. Here is a practical guide to thrifty men’s manner.

My Best Tip For Cheap Men Clothing-Frugal male fashion

I enjoy receiving cash back on purchases since I am a thrifty individual who adheres to a rigorous spending plan. It appears to be a small bonus. But if you read this blog at all, you are aware that I don’t make use of credit cards. So how do I get cash back if I only use a debit card? Rakuten.

You can collect cashback on online (and occasionally in-store) purchases with the free cashback app Rakuten. The best aspect is that each business has a different cash refund policy.

As a result, while some retailers may only provide 1% cashback, others may offer 10% or more. I observed several retailers offering as much as 12% cash back over the holidays the previous year. Who actually needs the cashback offered by credit cards with those numbers?

Create a free Rakuten, which into consideration right away if you genuinely want to up your game in terms of affordable fashion, and always remember to check for cashback before making an online purchase.

Mens Economical Clothing: 15 Stores That Are Affordable-Frugal male fashion

As a male, you probably have a tendency to prioritise function over form in most situations. This kind of thinking is made worse for you as a thrifty man. For instance, if you’re a thrifty man, you won’t only consider whether you’ll actually wear things on a daily basis. You’ll also question whether owning it is actually worth giving up your savings.

Sincerely, I appreciate that! Really big

However, this may make it challenging to shop (especially to feed your wife or girlfriend). So, here are a few great places to shop if you want to buy new clothes but don’t want to spend a lot of your hard-earned money.

1.First TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx is at the top of my list for affordable men’s wear since they provide a tonne of various brands at steep discounts. In fact, I guess that TJ Maxx is where I got roughly 60% of all of my work outfits.

High quality shoes, shirts, trousers and jackets are frequently available for around half the cost of what you would pay at a typical retail store. So, if a TJ Maxx is close by, that should be the first place you look when looking for clothing.


Due to the fact that the bulk of you already purchase your clothing from Amazon, I almost feel bad adding this to the list. I was unable to exclude it from the list, though. You should really think about purchasing on Amazon if you wish to get clothing on a tight budget. I have gotten some amazing clothing discounts. The nicest thing is that you don’t even have to enter a store. Additionally, if you genuinely want to shop on a budget, just ask for Amazon gift cards for your birthday and the holiday season and use those funds to buy clothes.


In fact, my wife and I were just discussing Walmart and how much more stylish their clothing has become the other day. Previously, if you went shopping for clothing at Walmart, you were likely to find a lot of items that were either a little too baggy or felt cheap. Sincerity be told, there were occasions when the only clothing I could locate there was around ten years out of date. A male can only possess so many pairs of cover-alls, too. But right now, you’d be shocked at some of the amazing clothes they have—and at such low rates. Just last year, I spent only $35 on a cute winter coat. 


Although Target’s prices are typically a little higher than Walmart’s, I find that their clothing lasts me the longest of any store I frequent. It therefore likely balances out in the end.

Additionally, they frequently have amazing sales, so if you wait patiently and plan your purchases well, you can practically replace your entire wardrobe without breaking the bank.

5. Leone Trading 

Although Sierra Trading Post is related to TJ Maxx, their clothing unquestionably has a more outdoor aesthetic. Therefore, if you have an outdoorsy aesthetic (like I do), this is a great choice for you.

Aside: Sierra Trading Post usually has a respectable cashback deal on Rakuten. They provide 8% cashback according to the time of writing.

6. Old Navy 

When it comes to affordable men’s clothes, Old Navy is a time-honored favourite. Their pricingare really difficult to beat, and in my experience, their clothing is of very great quality. Additionally, they have a lot of sales throughout the year that frequently offer sizable discounts. So, make sure to check out Old Navy if you’re looking for high-quality clothing at a reasonable price.

7. The Banana Republic

You would not think of Banana Republic as a fantastic spot for budget-conscious shopping, but every time I go there, there seems to be a 40%–50% off discount going on. And frequently, that comes on top of already-discounted merchandise.

For instance, my wife just purchased for me a Banana Republic jumper that usually costs $90 for $18. Even yet, it’s hardly the finest offer she’s ever discovered there.

8. Ebay

Ebay may be a terrific location to get high-quality clothing at low rates if you are prepared to put in the effort to look. Not every one of them is used, so don’t worry. But you can find some amazing items if you’re willing to shop for used clothing.

Ebay should also be on your list of locations to shop if you’re seeking for accoutrements like gazes on, sunglasses, or hats.

9. Nordstrom Rack is a retailer

The department stores TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack are quite comparable. They provide really high-quality goods at steep savings. I’m actually wearing a pair of $110 shoes that my wife purchased for me at the Nordstrom Rack for under $40 as I compose this piece.

10. H&M

I mistook H&M for a clothes store for ladies for a very long time. Before my sister and brother-in-law took me inside and demonstrated me the Frugal male fashion section, that is. Although it was full of attractive clothing, the prices really turned me off. I usually pay more than $75 for a button-down shirt, but I got five for that amount because to the discount they were having. Furthermore, compared to most male-specific clothing stores, their clothing wasn’t as baggy, so it fit me a little bit better.

11. Kohls

When I became an adult, Kohls openly kind of slipped off my radar even though I had grown up doing my shopping there. They have some fantastic men’s apparel there, and as you may already be aware, their prices are excellent, so I’m uncertain why.

12. American Eagle 

One of the few stores where I will purchase jeans is American Eagle. I struggle to find pants that fit because I am rather tall and skinny. However, I’ve never had a problem locating them there for some reason. In fact, I’m now donning a pair of American Eagle pants.

They can be a little expensive, I’ll admit that. So I simply wait patiently for them to run a sale whenever I want to shop there. Sincerely, I don’t recall ever purchasing pants from American Eagle that weren’t marked down by at least 40%.

13. The Men’s Wearhouse 

I don’t know about you, but buying a suit for $1,000 doesn’t strike me as being particularly thrifty. The Frugal male fashion Wearhouse is where I prefer to purchase suits. They have sold me three outfits over the years, one of which was my wedding suit, and I have never been dissatisfied with the product or the level of service. And the costs are excellent. In fact, I spent less than $500 for a totally tailored outfit for my wedding. I simply have to keep myself in shape so I can still fit into it.


A broad variety of attractive clothing is available at, and like almost everything else on the website, they are reasonably priced. They also provide a good range of furnishings, so if you want to give your flat or house a little style, you can take care of it all at once. Just a thought.

15. The mind of Plato Closet

Recall that I claimed I virtually always get my jeans from American Eagle? I can purchase the identical jeans (lightly used) for roughly a fourth of the price from Plato’s Closet. You may get some top-notch name brands at extremely inexpensive costs at Plato’s Closet.

But if there isn’t a Plato’s Closet nearby, any thrift shop will do.

Mens Economical Fashion: Financial Advice

We’ve now covered how to use Rakuten to receive cash back on your purchases as well as where to go shopping for cheap clothing. The goal of affordable male fashion, though, is to look nice without breaking the bank. A prepared and documented budget, not simply a hypothetical one you have in your brain, is what I mean when I say “budget.”

In order to help you get the most for your money, I want to discuss a few additional budget-friendly male fashion advice before we call it a day.

Think Ahead

No matter what you’re buying—a car, a new pet, a jacket, or even just a new pair of white socks—planning your purchases is a crucial aspect of being thrifty. Therefore, set up a budget and plan your spending before heading out to buy lots of new clothes.

You should be fully aware of the amount of money entering your bank account, the amount of living expenses, and the maximum amount you are allowed to spend while still growing your financial assets and savings.

Priorities should be set for your golden years, situations of emergency, and other long-term financial objectives. So, before you make a plan to buy clothes that are new, make a strategy to manage your finances.

First, save

On this blog, I talk about money management a lot, but it is all worthwhile.

Only when you are attempting to reach more significant financial objectives does being frugal make sense. There is no purpose to being thrifty if all you’re doing is trying to increase the number of things you can buy with your full income.

Therefore, prioritise saving in your financial plan.

With simple terms, as soon as you receive a paycheck, you should save money prior to you spend any of it. Then, in order to live within the budget you have left, you should practise frugal living.

Don’t Take on Debt

Every dollar you owe in debt is simply deducted from your net value. As a result, you ought to use all of your efforts to stay debt-free. The toughest element of this whole situation is how department shops constantly entice you with debt. How often have you been given a significant discount on your purchase just for opening a credit card, after all? Do you understand the reason?

They do this because they are aware that if you obtain a credit card, you will probably have to pay interest on it for a much longer. And it implies they will earn a lot more money. Since credit cards are the biggest money pit currently in existence, truly frugal shoppers will avoid using them.

Be persistent

The ‘Frugal male fashion’ way of living as a whole heavily relies on patience, which is one of the most difficult things to practise when it comes to shopping. You are going to far much better fiscally if you can wait to buy clothes until there is a discount and diligently save your money in the meanwhile.

Male Frugality: Shopping Around For The Best Prices

You must develop the habit of looking for bargains if you wish to live frugally. That entails using coupons, visiting various retailers, and shopping during particular seasons of the year to get the best prices. In order to wrap off this article on affordable men’s clothes, I’d want to go into more detail on how to identify the greatest bargains.

Use discount websites

I always start by searching for coupons if I want to spend money on something. And in today’s world, that entails five minutes or so online. and are two of my go-to resources for finding discounts and coupons. Couponing is something I can’t emphasise enough. On some purchases, saving as much as 50% was possible for me by taking an extra five minutes to look for a deal online. I think that was a productive use of time.

Benefit From Email Offers

Why wouldn’t you provide your email address to a retailer in exchange for a 20% discount on your first purchase? If you are unhappy with the emails you get, you may easily remove yoursel Frugal male fashion from a mailing list in three seconds. Additionally, if it’s a store you frequently visit, you might get fantastic future discounts.

Purchase Off-Season Clothing

It should go without saying, but if you want to get great deals on clothing, go shopping in the off-season. Frugal male fashion for instance, plan ahead and get a new pair of swim trunks in November if you need them. Use the significant winter clothing deals in May and June if you need a new jacket. Don’t buy new seasonal clothing during peak season if you know you’ll need it. Prices rise in tandem with increased demand.

Final Reflections on Cheap Male Fashion

Male Frugal male fashion requires effort and preparation. But it is more than possible to look good without going over your budget if you follow a few useful tips and tricks.

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