The Many Services Offered by a Family Law Firm

Family Law Firm

Law is a very complex subject, so much so that there are many fields of specialist law, which include family matters. As the name implies, this field concerns legal aspects of family life; divorce, separation, child support and custody, are just some of the services on offer from your local family law firm and most people will require at least one of these services during their life.

Here is a list of family law services that are offered by your local family lawyer in Orange County.

Divorce proceedings 

Sadly, many marriages do not stand the test of time and if you feel that your relationship has run its course, it is a wise move to hire a good family lawyer, who can represent you and ensure a favourable outcome. There are no second chances when it comes to a family court judgement, which means you need to enlist the help of a leading family lawyer. Who can advise you, prepare your case and represent you in a Family Court, should it be necessary. Divorce can be messy and very costly if you don’t have a good divorce lawyer in your corner; make contact with a leading family law firm, where you can receive the very best advice and representation.

Spousal support

When a relationship ends, one party might require financial support and if an amicable agreement cannot be reached, it is up to both parties’ lawyers to reach a settlement. If this does not happen, the matter would be presented to a Family Court, where a judge would hear both sides and make a judgement. In the event your ex-partner has ceased making spousal support payments, you should contact an Orange County family law firm and they can set the wheels in motion to redress the situation.

Child support

When there are children involved in a relationship break-up, there is always the matter of financial support and in some cases, both parties cannot agree on child support. This is when you need a good family lawyer who can represent you in the Family Court and help you to secure a satisfactory outcome for the long-term security of your children.

Child custody 

When two parents wish to end the relationship, the children should come first and if both parties cannot come to a satisfactory agreement over child custody, the matter is usually decided in a Family Court and in such cases, the well-being of the children is always paramount. If one parent has custody, there should be visiting rights for the other parent, which would normally be agreed upon by all parties. The judge has the power to decide either way and having a good lawyer greatly increases your chances of a satisfactory outcome. Click here for more detailed information on family law.

Domestic violence & restraining orders

Domestic disputes often lead to violence and if you are the victim of such abuse, a family lawyer can apply for a restraining order to protect you. This service might be required at any time and the family lawyer would be available 24/7 if an emergency situation arose and can apply for a restraining order in a prompt and professional manner.

This could be a partner, sibling or any person who is threatening you in a violent manner and you can take out an order that prevents that person from coming into contact with you.; failure to abide by a restraining order could lead to prison and the family lawyer can promptly apply for this essential legal protection.

Modern society puts a lot of pressure on families and this can lead to outbursts of violence, which no one should be exposed to; there are legal options to prevent a person from approaching your property, or contacting you in any form.

Prenuptial agreement

Many couples prefer to draft an agreement that details the division of joint assets in the event the relationship ends. This is especially popular with those who have already been married and would like to protect their wealth when entering into a new relationship. It makes perfect sense to protect certain assets that were acquired prior to the start of the relationship and both parties sign a legally binding document that cannot be altered.

Creating a last will & testament

Everyone should make a will to ensure that their estate is handled according to their wishes. The lawyer can help you to prepare the legally binding document and have the signing witnessed should the worst happen. You know that your loved ones will be the recipients of your assets. There are complex laws in place when a person dies intestate (without a will) and that might lead to your loved ones losing out.

Contesting a will

If a family member feels they have been unfairly treated regarding a deceased person’s last will & testament, they can contest the will, providing they have evidence to support their claim. It might be that the deceased person had promised you a vehicle or piece of real estate, yet this was not mentioned in the will. If, for example, you had a letter written by the deceased that states they wish to leave you a certain asset. This could be grounds for will contestation.


If a man is in a relationship and does not think the child is his. It is possible to determine this with DNA testing. If there is any doubt in your mind regarding paternity. Talk to a local family law firm in Orange County and you can discover the truth.

Life is full of ups and downs and should you ever be in need of a reputable Orange County family law firm, a Google search is all it takes to contact a local expert in all legal family matters. Failing to seek legal advice could have serious implications. This is why you should not hesitate to contact a legal professional when in need of advice or representation.