What Is a Freelancer and Why Should I Hire One?

What Is a Freelancer
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You feel like every time you hire a new employee, it doesn’t work out. They never do the job that’s required of them. Wouldn’t it be nice to expand your horizons? 

If you hire a freelancer, you could. There are qualified workers from all corners of the globe that have the expertise to help your company grow. They’re also cheaper to employ than traditional workers, and they have a ton of flexibility in their schedules. 

What is a freelancer? We’ve got the answer to this question along with a full list of reasons why you should get a few onboard. Keep reading to learn more. 

What Is a Freelancer?

A freelancer is someone who is their own boss instead of being tied down to a single company. They decide what gigs to take and how to go about them and they set their own hours and are in control of billing their clients. They also have to tax themselves, meaning they don’t receive W2s at the end of the year. 

When they go to work for a company, they aren’t treated the same as regular employees. They’re contractors. 

It’s Cheaper?

So, why is hiring a freelancer better than filling your staff with traditional employees? In short, it’s cheaper. 

Having regular workers can be expensive. You’ve got to pay for their salaries, health insurance, paid time off, payroll taxes, and more. 

Paying freelancers only involves the salary part. You don’t have to worry about training costs, and since most freelancers are in charge of their own workspaces, you don’t have to provide an office for them. 


Hiring traditional employees usually involves some kind of wait period. It can take some time to get them onboarded. They also might not be available right away. 

Most freelancers are ready to take on jobs at the drop of a hat. All you have to do is give them the details of the project and they can get started. 

Specialized Talent 

When you hire a Weebly designer, you can rest easy knowing that these freelancers know what they’re doing. 

Most of them are experts in their fields. They might even be able to handle niche tasks that a regular employee can’t. 

Large Talent Pool

Sticking to hiring in-house limits you to the people in your area. The thing about reliable freelancers is that most of them work remotely. 

You can grab hardworking professionals from all over the world to build your website and fill it with content. The sky is the limit. 

Hire a Freelancer 

What is a freelancer? They’re experts in their fields who employ themselves. They’re contractors who handle their own needs. 

When you hire one, you won’t have to worry about providing them with an office or paying for health insurance. They can also get started on projects right away. There’s almost no downside to bringing them onboard. 

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