6 Essential Services Offered By an IT Support Company

IT Support Company
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Information technology has been with us for more than half a century and with the impending arrival of the Internet of Things and 5G, we are about to move into a new dimension of global connectivity. The term ‘IT support’ covers a broad spectrum of services that are known as managed IT services, which are designed around your needs. Instant communication is essential for a winning organization and with a solid IT infrastructure, your business will develop. If you make contact with a local IT support company, here are some of the managed services on offer.

1. IT hardware support

You can take advantage of fixed-fee IT hardware support and for an affordable monthly cost, you can enjoy 24/7 support for all your IT hardware. We all know how frustrating that dreaded blue screen can be, which wastes valuable time; when you have an IT support company in your corner, a phone call is all it takes to send a technician to your office. Some technical issues can be remotely fixed, while others demand an onsite presence; either way, your IT hardware will always be online and ready for work.

2. IT consulting 

Setting up an office demands IT consulting from a local Baltimore company; IT hardware is expensive and making a mistake is simply not an option; the consultant can help you by designing the perfect IT infrastructure, which can be added to as the business grows. When purchasing workstation PCs, there are many specification options and the IT consultant can help you choose the right hardware that delivers the desired performance. The IT support company has vendor associations that can save you a lot of money when investing in IT hardware, plus they offer full installation and, of course, round-the-clock support. If you would like a no-nonsense evaluation of your current IT setup, talk to your local IT support provider right here in Baltimore.

3: Office digitalization

If you would like to go paperless in your office, you can hire an IT support company to scan all paperwork and upload the data onto a secure cloud network. Once your staff knows how to scan and store scanned documents, they can update the network on a daily basis and file the original in a cabinet. This boosts office productivity, as employees no longer have to hunt for an invoice, rather they can instantly bring up any document on their workstation screens.

Indeed, many offices are already running in a paperless environment and would never return to the old format. Think of the time that is wasted when staff is hunting for documents; minutes add up over the course of a month and we will all eventually end up with a paperless working environment, so why not start now? Your office will benefit greatly if you can remove all those bulky filing cabinets that are no longer needed for paper storage.

4: Cloud networking 

If you have yet to migrate to the cloud, it is something to seriously consider; access your data from any location using any digital device and with 24/7 cyber-security, your critical data is always safe from hackers. Once your network is set up, you can delete all the data on your workstation PCs, as your data is now stored on secure remote servers and this speeds up your office PCs, allowing staff to access data quickly. Set up permission hierarchies to allow specific employees to access only the data they need, while your sales force can access customer information while in the field. You can also use your secure network for VoIP communication, which brings you real-time video calls at a fraction of the cost of regular cell calls.

5: Voice over Internet Protocol

Known as Internet telephony, VoIP offers real-time video calls at a fraction of the cost of cellphone calls, and what’s more, you can arrange video meetings with the various departments, regardless of which location they happen to be. Video conferencing empowers the business owner and all your employees can enjoy real-time video calls, while you can monitor all communication from your control panel. This will greatly reduce your communication costs and with functional headsets, you and your employees can communicate on the fly. The provider can easily offer you a free demo when you can call any number and experience Internet telephony; cell numbers and landlines can all be called with this digital platform and the cost is affordable. Here are a few ways that a short-term business loan can benefit a company. Most businesses have already made the switch to VoIP communication platforms such as Zoom and Skype for Business and the best time to do that is now.

6: Cyber-security

Every individual and organization is at risk of cyber-attack when connected to the Internet and the IT support company offers top drawer cyber-security. If you would like to have your current network tested by ethical hackers, your local IT company in Baltimore can carry out penetration testing to see if they can beat your network defenses, which is more than a little comforting. In the event the ethical hackers are successful, they are able to plug the hole, ensuring it doesn’t happen again. Cybercrime comes in many forms and you should arrange some cyber-security training for your office staff to familiarise them with best practices. If your staff understands what phishing is, while also knowing the importance of never opening any unknown email attachment.

Managed IT services are essential for the 21st-century business and with instant connectivity, your organisation is ready and primed for success in today’s marketplace. As your business grows, your IT infrastructure will keep pace with your development, helping you to enjoy sustainable growth. The services are managed by the provider, ensuring that your data is secure and with fixed fee hardware support, you don’t have to worry about issues with your IT equipment.

If you have no IT department, talk to a local IT support company and let them assess your IT capabilities.