Jester Estates Austin, Texas: Top 5 Benefits of the Neighbourhood

Jester Estates
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In West Austin, Jester Estates commands a high ridge with panoramic views of the city’s center, nearby canyons, and the area’s rolling hills and lakes.

In 1982, Jester Estates was built after the Golden Cheeked Warbler was listed as an endangered species by the federal government. Prices start at around $350,000 and go up to slightly about $1,000,000.

The Jester Club, a neighborhood clubhouse featuring a pool, party pavilion, playground, picnic area with BBQ pits, basketball court, and tennis courts, is open to residents.

Hill Elementary received an Exemplary rating from the Texas Education Agency and was recognized as a Blue Ribbon School by the US Department of Education.

For The Neighborhood

The subjective concept of quality of life in Austin can vary depending on several factors. For example, others may like the suburbs with their quiet streets, tranquility, and access to open areas and wildlife. At the same time, some property buyers may choose a walkable metropolis with plenty of things to do nearby.

A decent journey to their preferred weekend hangout is a dream come true for some people, while being car-dependent is intolerable for others.

Everyone has various needs and goals. Therefore, what is most important to one person in terms of their quality of life may not be important to another.

Given this, it would be ideal to know the neighborhood’s facilities and whether you can carry out most of your daily duties on foot.

You can decide whether living in the city or the suburbs will benefit you by clearly defining what matters to you. For example, homes for sale in Jester, Austin, the walkability is 5, with a bike score of 14.

Nearly all errands demand a vehicle. Jester, Austin has a poor walkability rating, which may be considered when evaluating the quality of life there.

Good Schools 

Parents frequently utilize reviews from independent organizations like Niche when choosing a school. A good school might mean different things to different individuals depending on what someone is searching for.

Others may be considering schools that are better at preparing students for higher study, while some may be interested in schools with excellent sports programs.

Homes near top-rated public schools typically cost more since there is always demand in those areas.

One of the district’s two A+/A rated public elementary schools is River Place Elementary School (ranked 35 in the metro).

Three of the top schools in the metro include Four Points Middle School (#9), Anderson High School (#13), and Vandegrift High School (#4 in the metro).

22nd in the metro is Richards School for Young Women Leaders, and 36th is Murchison Middle School.

This area’s elementary, middle, and high schools have favorable school ratings. Therefore, this area could be a fantastic spot to establish long-term roots if you want to ensure that your children have a consistent school experience as they grow up.

The Eating Options

A high walk score indicates that many establishments are close by, including schools, shops, eateries, coffee shops, and more. Eating opportunities, grocery stores and parks may significantly impact your everyday life; making Austin one of the best places in America to live. Although the scores are far from perfect, they indicate the “things to do” in and near those locations.

Here are some spots to satisfy your hunger pangs:

  • Cupprimo Cupcakery & Coffee Spot, The Cheesecake Factory, and Savory Spice Shop are excellent alternatives for satisfying your sweet taste in Jester, Austin.
  • For a leisurely weekend brunch, choose P.F. Chang’s, Torchy’s Tacos, or Biderman’s Deli after picking up a cup of coffee at Starbucks Reserve Bar, Creekside Cafe, or Ferrufino House Of Coffee.
  • Some wonderful places for a pleasant dine-in experience are Suzi Q’s, County Line on the Lake, or Bashaw’s Steakhouse & Seafood.
  • The locals adore ordering tacos from Jose’s Taco Shop, burgers from Ski Shores Waterfront Cafe, Mighty Fine Burgers, tacos from P. Terry’s Burger Stand, or burgers from Trudy’s North Star.

Why Should You Buy A House In Jester Estates Austin?

A large proportion of recent property sales within the last five years may indicate that the area is developing and that residents want to live there.

Even after homes are put on the market, low house sales in a community may indicate that locals are planning to leave. Therefore, it would be interesting to talk to locals to find out what they liked or disliked about living in this area.

If you’re sensitive to noise, choose a neighborhood with a lower walk score since the greater the walk score, the higher the noise level will be.