Can You Order Colored Contacts with Prescription & How to Do It?


In the past, we’ve only been seeing them on celebrities, but colored contact lenses have become quite common for everyone today. They might have been too expensive when they first emerged on the market, but that’s no longer the case. So, since they’re not reserved only for the filthy rich, we are nowadays seeing a completely new trend. The whole freakin’ world is wearing them!

When I say that the whole world is wearing them, I really mean it, and you’ll see at just how popular these are and how many different colors you can order. The thing that’s confusing you is that most people that don’t have any sight issues and that don’t have a prescription are wearing these products. Ordering them online offers them the convenience of shopping for the lenses easily, and allows them to pretty much easily change the color of their eyes whenever they want. While that’s definitely beneficial and while you certainly don’t have anything against this, one thing is confusing you.

Since people are ordering these without a prescription, can you order them with one? Put simply, you’re wondering if the concept of ordering these is reserved only for those who have perfect eyesight. Although that does sound a bit weird in itself, the trend of wearing these lenses has undeniably made you wonder and question if you actually have the opportunity to order these as well, since you have a prescription and you can’t wear lenses without one if you want to see clearly.

Can You Order Colored Contacts with a Prescription?

It’s no wonder that you got so confused! The trend of changing eye color whenever someone feels like it has taken over the entire world, and it’s not surprising for you to wonder if it is reserved solely for those people who don’t have any sight problems whatsoever. You’d very much love to try some colored contacts yourself, but you’re not sure if you can.

Here’s some good news! You definitely can. The idea of ordering colored contacts is not reserved only for those people without a prescription, meaning you can easily order them yourself, and get prescription ones, allowing you not only to see clearly but also to experiment with your eye color if that’s something you’re interested in. If you’re still not that skilled at putting in your contact lenses, you should first learn more about how to do that, so that you don’t have any issues once they arrive. Although, practice really does make perfect!

How to Do It?

Happy with the news that you can order your colored contacts with prescription online? Sure you are! And, the only thing left to do now is figure out how to actually do that, i.e. how to order them the right way. The difference between you and people ordering without a prescription lies only in the fact that you’ll need to take a couple more steps than they will. But, the great news is that there’s nothing complicated about it, which you’ll quickly realize after I take you through those steps below.

  1. Find a Reliable Supplier

Ordering with or without a prescription, the thing that you need to be mostly focused on is finding a reliable supplier. That is, a store you can trust to provide you with the perfect quality contacts that won’t be harmful for your eyes and that will function perfectly. Being the most difficult part of the process, you’ll undeniably need to put a lot of effort into doing this right. After all, you certainly don’t want to make the wrong choice here and pay for products that you’ll be completely disappointed with afterward.

Proper research won’t let that happen, though. Buying on the spur of the moment is quite risky while buying after doing extensive research is bound to lead you to the perfect contacts. Starting by browsing the Web to find different suppliers you can work with, you’ll come across numerous shops ready to sell you their products. Having made a list of potential ones, you’ll need to check them out in more detail, aiming at determining how experienced and reliable those are, as well as checking if they offer prescription contacts or not. No matter how much time you spend doing the research, the main thing to focus on is finding reliable shops that will guarantee quality of products and quality of service.

  1. Select the Type of Lenses You Need

After finding the shop you think is best for you, there will be a few more significant steps to take before placing your order. Of course, having learned what you need to know about colored contacts, you’ll know precisely how to check their quality and determine if those are worth buying or not. Selecting the type of lenses you need is your next step, and this is the step that has to do with prescription or non-prescription orders. If astigmatism is part of your diagnosis, remember to make that selection as well.

  1. Choose Your Color

Now comes the fun part! Choosing the color you want! You probably have one or two in mind already, but there’s also nothing wrong in experimenting if you’re eager to try out a few different colors and change your contacts frequently. Ordering more colors can be the right thing for you, or you may want to start with just one and see where things will go from there, that is, check if you’re happy with that specific color and then order some more in the future if that’s what you wind up wanting.

  1. Follow Instructions Regarding Prescription Info

Upon choosing the types of lenses and the color, you’ll simply need to follow the instructions that will result in providing all the prescription information that the supplier will need so as to ship you the right contacts. This shouldn’t be difficult at all, since most great suppliers will clearly outline the instructions, allowing you to complete the process quickly and easily. Once you’ve done that, simply place your order and wait for the contacts to arrive.