Polycarbonate Panels | The Toughest in the Business

Polycarbonate Panels
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Looking at the building and construction industries we are continuously seeing new and innovative ways in which to bring projects to life through ethically sourced products, recyclable materials with the environmental impact at the forefront, and weight versus quality a high priority. The world of project design and building has significantly advanced and keeping up with the ‘trends’ as it were is not so much about ‘being part of the pack’, but more so ensuring that your technique of building is not outdated in the eyes of clients and investors.

Financial moguls looking to invest their money into energy-efficient projects are increasing in popularity, including entrepreneurs building their brands in the hopes of becoming a household name in the world of construction. With that being said, working with the highest quality materials whilst efficiently managing time and costs is a fine balance to master. However, we have the solution you have been holding out for, polycarbonate panels are quickly becoming the go-to choice for builders and professionals in the construction industry and will take your project to the next level.

Transformational Polycarbonate Panels

If you are new to the industry but want the best in the business for your company when it comes to your upcoming build, polycarbonate panels bring to the table multiple benefits all whilst being cost-effective. The advantages of using a material that is lightweight without sacrificing strength are always a winning combination, and yet it has so much more to offer.

Before jumping into a big order of an overly expensive building material that may not last as long as you had hoped or did not deliver on its aesthetic appeal, take a look at why polycarbonate panels should be your go-to choice.


While no material is completely free from breakages polycarbonate comes very close, especially when compared to traditional glass and other generic materials. Many people may not know this but polycarbonate is up to 250 times more impact-resistant than safety glass, if this is not enough to convince you then who knows?


Extreme weather conditions are no concern for this material which is highly heat and cold resistant. Used commonly for exposed areas like bus shelters, hospitals, or schools, implementing this into your next build will increase your building’s energy efficiency at a fraction of the cost. Multiwall sheets allow for added air pockets around a building increasing its thermal performance.

We also love that a simple sheet can be used to divide office or work spaces and therefore a great noise insulator too.


If you want something that is going to give you ‘bang for your buck’ and last long term these sheets of thermoplastic are resistant to water, and impact damage, and tough as nails, what more could you ask for?


The plus side of using polycarbonate panels is that they are flexible enough to shape and mold to specific curvatures on site without the need for heat, but can then also be heated later on to reshape or mold, making it a completely recyclable material.

Weight & Light Allowance

You do not need to worry about stability or structural design when it comes to working with and integrating polycarbonate panels into your projects. Compared to the 2800kg/m3 density rating of traditional glass, polycarbonate with a mere 1200kg/m3 density rating significantly reduces the overall deadweight load of a build. The lighter weight also allows for less labor-intensive practices which ultimately reduces costs, a win-win.

And because the sheets are transparent (they do also come in a large variety of colours if you are looking for that), and are as clear as regular glass, they allow for maximum intake of natural light with an added treated layer of UV protection on either one or both sides for increased protection. If you are worried about extensive glare you have the option of a matte diffusing finish for improved light dispersion.

Final thoughts

When it comes to maximizing efficacy but also keeping a close eye on budgets during a build, because projects always tend to have unforeseen expenses that seem to pop up and test us, polycarbonate panels tick all the necessary boxes to make for a smooth execution.

The world of building is not slowing down anytime soon, projects are being completed in fewer weeks, and are requiring fewer employees and workers to get the jobs done, so why be left behind when more innovative and efficient materials are readily available?

We need to make the most of the resources we have and as we see it polycarbonate panels are the way of the future. If you are a business owner, an entrepreneur looking to get your business savvy foot in the door, or simply someone looking to make a lucrative investment, be sure to look for companies using and implementing polycarbonate or better yet, be the brand clients are keeping a close eye on.